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Killed by OiTrowls

Latest Death
Death reason: Killed by OiTrowls
Coordinates: -13550 61 -3249 in the normal world 
Time: 21:55 on 22 Jan 2019

That was the time that OiTrowls killed me by sneaking up behind me with his high powered weapons, plugin cheats, and his donor command advantages to kill me and take my avatars head. He then stole as much of my goods as he could. He will not be sanctioned nor punished for this as he was playing within the rules of the server.

I came on this server because it has history, a large community, is free, and is wide open to me expressing my enjoyment of building stuff. It is too bad that it is also open to, and in fact condones, abuse in PvP combat.

Players like me, who came on the server after the donor system was shut down do not have access to the commands that OiTrouw used to teleport repeatedly to stay behind me as he attacked. Players like me do not have high powered fire starting swords and the god like armour that would make it a fight between equals.

Players like OiTrowls .. well, i don't think there are any.

A few weeks back I was at Spawn when he first introduced himself to me, asking if I wanted to see something special .. he led me out of the protected area, let me go ahead of him and attacked me from behind. Doing "/home" really fast saved me. I had just heard that there was a Spawn Killer waiting for new players to show up as they were easy kills so I did have my guard up .. I just did not think that a moderator would be a back-stabbing assassin/thief.

In subsequent days I warned new players several times to avoid Oitrowls, and there are usually one or two logouts when he logs in, but all good. But it turns out that avoidance is not enough. Oitrowls uses his mod powers to hunt for victims all over the server. Last night he commented that he hangs out in [Saikyo] because there are a lot of players active there. It is one of his hunting grounds, like Spawn is.

Last night Oitrowls first attack on me was an unannounced and from behind, setting me on fire. I had seen the msg that he had come online, so seeing the flames and damage I knew immediately that it was him. Without even turning around I typed /home as fast as i could. But .. I had left 4 open chests full of building materials behind so I returned via Nexus to see what he had stolen, hoping that he had already left.

I passed Anna_28 on the way through Saikyo to my build site and her answer to my calling OiTrowls a murdering asshole was to the effect that I had brought it on myself by announcing in chat that I was building in Saikyo for the Raffle.

That was a shock. It was like telling a rape survivor that they way she dressed had, "asked for it". Really? I should expect to be attacked from the rear .. and by a moderator? Does that happen to other moderators? admins? Or does something protect them from OiTrowls?

I do not want to have to hide to avoid being assassinated. I do not accept that while playing on this server I will be under the threat of being stabbed in the back and having all my hard work stolen. I have no trouble with server policy allowing PvP .. so long as I am not forced to participate when I do not want to.

That was also when OiTrowls said in reply to Anna that he had not seen my comment in chat, he visits Saikyo because lots of players are active there. He goes there to see if there is anyone he can kill and steal from. He has made a really nice place to build into his hunting ground.

My returning to my build site was not foolishness .. I had healed and armed myself to fight for anything that the thief had left of my materials so when he showed up to take the rest I fought back. I lost the fight and died because he could jump from in front of me to behind me without moving, so some sort of teleport effect, hit me with a slow potion, has god-level weaponry, and has had a lot more practice that I have in killing players.

I lost something like two hundred tours of work on my tools, armour and materials collection to that back-stabbing thief .. that much I can handle in good spirit .. it would not be my first time rebuilding. I have fallen into lava at the bottom of a deep underground maze of tunnels and not made it back in time to recover anything any number of times.

The deep disappointment I feel is from this, a page that I was editing only a few days back, the Moderators Category Page :

Becoming a moderator means being entrusted with a special responsibility. Although it is a position with
rewards, moderators give up their right to absolute free speech. A moderator is perceived by the
players as a representative of the server.  To an extent, when a moderator speaks, they speak for the
server itself.  A moderator's actions and behaviour must be in line with server policy, and their expressed
attitudes must reflect official server attitudes.

That is a quote from SlowRiot, and the actuality that OiTrowls behaviour is not just tolerated, but is condoned .. someone promoted him to moderator status thus saying that his actions are the actions of the server. Anna_28 said in private chat that if OiTrowls has not abused his moderator powers, nor otherwise cheated, and that if he had he would have already been demoted from moderator status, but I think that a cowardly backstabber bent on killing off every player he comes across is a poor example for the server to show its players.

He was able to donate and so has all the combat enhancing commands of a Diamond level donor.

The way he was able to hop about in combat makes me think he uses client plugins to cheat.

This makes situation an inherently unfair one, but there is no way for me to appeal for protection from OiTrowls. Many reading this will disagree with all or some of my points saying that this is the way they want the server to be, and that is fine. I am a new player who had hoped to contribute to the server and reside here for a long time, but was disappointed that being targeted by an unrestrained serial killer was part of the experience.

I will work out my response over the long term, in the short term I will continue working on my projects and simply logoff when OiTrowls is online.

I also think that the administration of this server needs to extend protection of property from what a player leaves in a chest to include what they carry on their person, but that is another discussion entirely.

Jeff Hayes is bytebasher on minecraft. --bytebasher 21:32, 25 January 2019 (UTC)