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User xArches
Known as Archy, Archypoo, Arches, Archives
Gender Female
Location 'Murica
Nationality Italian American
DOB -11-10th
Occupation Community Manager
In Freedonia
First joined 15 April 2012
First building An extravagant tower with SleekHank
Kit level ***** Nether
Legacy donor level ***** Nether
View profile and statistics GodlyCheeze:"I don't think anyone has bigger boobs that Arches" GodlyCheeze:"Not legally anyways"
The one and only (though no longer) Triple Moderator, Old caretaker of City Of Two Heroes, Co-CEO of PIS, Royal Purple Queen of the Pink Kingdom, Interior designer of winx51's Pink Castle, Pixel Artist, Wool Queen, Professional Novelist, Drunkard, Culinary Student, and co-owner of Shireford Enjoys: chatting more than building, the colour purple, wasting her levels on naming items, and giving away all her shit to noobs. She is always found on Teamspeak or IRC. Originally invited to the server by SleekHank she has fostered many friendships, enemies, and even a staff position at MCO!

Behaviour Enjoku: "And xArches has the Rake of Molestation" The_Jackal_249: "Archy, smack a bitch" Liastrae: "Arches do you remember that one time you shoved 10 grapefruits in my anus? I didn't walk right for a week"
A good majority of the time xArches is a real grumpy butt. She's only nice to people when she's having a good day or the person she's talking to is someone she genuinely likes. She is especially rude to griefers, her interrogations follow the more of the "Bad Cop" side, so she's not one to mess with. Also, as a young lady with such a sharp tongue she's not one to argue with either! However most of the time she is generally friendly and funny by some people's standards. She also hopping across large fields and receiving wool, common cures to her grumpiness.

Literary Works Enjoku: "These books are wonderful fap material!" Flippeh:"I laughed, I cried, it was wonderful. Then I started reading her books."

"unprecedented" - "redefining literature" - "a unique reading experience" are common descriptions of her writings.

Tony's Fanfic: A steamy PG novel talking of tonyisbeast and Banandit's sexual escapades and exploring more than just the boundaries of friendship. Over 60 copies sold thrust upon unsuspecting souls!
Nyancat & Tacnayn Adventures: Explore the magical adventures of our two feline friends in space! Over 30 copies "sold"!
Birds & Bees Don't know how to tell your kids about sex? Just read them this book! OUT NOW!
Sex Ed With xArches: Learn more about the weird feelings in your no-no spots! COMING SOON!
Enjoku's Fanfiction: Enjoku rejoices when he meets the love of his life. Told in a steamy 3rd person format; enjoyable for all people ages 18+. COMING SOON!

Likes xArches: "I'm the god damn wool queen."
☻ The colour purple/purple wool
☻ Talking with people on Teamspeak
☻ Pixel Art & Extravagent Builds
☻ Shearing sheep
☻ Written Books (By her or for her)
☻ Named Items

Dislikes xArches:"I'm a FEMALE God Damnit!"
♠ Extremely needy people
♠ Cobble boxes & Dirt Huts
♠ Annoying People
♠ Rule Breakers
♠ Butt faces
♠ Block Lag

Completed Projects

Shireford Manor
✓ Numerous Vacation Homes
✓ 2014 Christmas Tree Entry (featured at Spawn)
✓ Quartz Observatory
✓ Shireford Fashion Show with TEllins
✓ Krusty Krab on Violet_Apathy's Modos Island
✓ Shireford Head Museum
Dye Hard Arena
Spawn Horses (Approx. -81 74 254)
CoffeeTowne Cafe

Incomplete Projects

☣ PIS Headquarters
☣ PIS Animal Grinders
Pink Castle (Almost Complete!)
☣ Spleef Arena Tower with jamexin