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User nosefish

Coal miner

Gender Male
Location Germany
Nationality German
DOB -03-8
Occupation Sign Spammer
In Freedonia
First joined 21 June 2011
First building Hellview Castle
Staff member Admin
Kit level ***** Diamond
Legacy donor level ***** Diamond
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2012-03-15 11.40.42.png


" " I hate unmatched quotes, but I was being attacked by a slime, so here's the closing one. " nosefish

  • Citizen of Freedonia since 21 June 2011.
  • Member of Glen Team.
  • Promoted to Moderator on 7 November 2011
  • This line was added on 25 July 2012 and is nosefish's 1000th wiki edit! Proof
  • Admin since November 29 2012

Current Projects

Completed Projects

Nosefish keeps improving his creations, but these have reached a state where development has slowed considerably:


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