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User cerfh12345

No idea whatsoever

Known as cerfh
Gender Male
Nationality Irish
Occupation Mitcher
In Freedonia
First joined 27 July 2011
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Cerfh is a good player who has played since July 2011. He first lived in Utopia to the north west of the server, where he made the Utopian skytrap, but now lives on a seaside mountain with his buddy muffin2222 in the 1.0 expansion area.

He had a rocky start on the server due to a conflict with metseven3 but they have since become friends, and he has proven himself to be a trustable player who is friendly, and is always up for a chat. He has an unlimited cobble chest in his home that he invites people to use as much as they want, and he is always around to help people when it is needed.

Cerf can usually be found playing on wednesdays and the weekends.

To date he has brought 3 people onto this server either from or first time noobs