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User Drathus42

The Sarcastic Divinity

Known as Drathus
Gender Male
Location Wisconsin
Nationality American
DOB 1976-09-26
Occupation Corporate Data Narc
In Freedonia
First joined 22 June 2011
First building Dome City
Donor level *GOD*
Legacy donor level *GOD*
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Drathus is just this guy, ya'know?

Slowly aging (one day at a time) code hack who enjoys MineCraft for it's zany fun and the logic that need be applied in the constructions.

God of Sarcasm

After ascending to godhood he has taken up the mantle of the God of Sarcasm (full title: God of Sarcasm and Wit, Slayer with Barbed Rejoinders.)

While kind and friendly he does not take kindly to requests which are lacking in politeness. He has also started to develop the same habits of Two-Face and deciding if he should help or hinder by the flip of a coin.


  • Dome City
  • Hydro Spleef at The Dome City
  • Slime trap at Dome City
  • Subway line from the NW Nexus to Dome City
  • Other random constructions that strike his fancy
  • Gabilzaharan
Drathus42 (in blue) and his Evil Twin

Drathus, The GrieferSlayer

Drathus, on top of the Visitor Centre