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User Embolalia

Ceci n'est pas une Embo

Known as Embolalia or Embo
Location Columbus, OH; or Albany, NY
Nationality American
DOB 1991-06-7
Occupation Aspiring rail mogul
In Freedonia
First joined 06 March 2011
First building Embolalia's Country Cottage, Greenville
Kit level *** Iron
Legacy donor level *** Iron
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Embolalia, often called just Embo, is a student at the Ohio State University. He spends his spare time building half-assed and ill-planned Minecraft creations, and playing NationStates under the same name. Additionally, he is a network administrator on the IRC network.


Embolalia's creations are centered around his settlement of Greenville, near ForbiddenOutpost. The settlement includes multiple skyscrapers of different styles built over Embolalia's time on the server, but his current project is a rail line to provide a direct rail link from Forbidden Outpost to the North-East Nexus, and later from the Nexus to AmpCity. He is currently suffering from a massive lack of iron and gold.