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green_towns.png Forbidden Outpost

The central square and Flippeh's house

Founder ChivalrousWeasel
Contributors Flippeh, ToneDial, bastetfurry, lacrosse1991, SlowRiot, Madjock999, Charlesbaechler, TheMightyCheeze, others
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Size north to south 100m
Size west to east 100m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-4493
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Forbidden Outpost is a small town in the far northern area of the old world.


Initially started as an invitation-only project organized by several admins, Forbidden Outpost was thus named because it was not initially given a public warp. This village was intended as a chance for admins to play true survival, with no temptation to spawn items or use previously-accrued materials. Several trustworthy players were also invited to contribute, on the condition that they bring nothing whatsoever to the village - everything built here must be mined from materials here.

Later the warp was opened to the public, and the town declared available for public build; in time, a railway station was constructed, and Forbidden Outpost now serves as an important rail hub providing changes to destinations in the North.

Location and Transport

Forbidden Outpost is located in the Frozen Northern Wastes; an area remarkable for a large profusion of snow, tundra and taiga biomes. The heart of the town is located at a point precisely north of the center of UnderWorld, and precisely west of Amp City.


The precisely located geometrical position of the town center was designed with a crossroads in mind, to permit a perfectly straight road to be run North from Underworld, and to meet a similar road running West from Amp City, forming a town at its intersection. As such, each of the two roads running to the town are perfectly straight. At the time of construction, the road North from Underworld was the single longest straight road in Freedonia, and also the longest road to be constructed in one sitting. It has since been upgraded to house a railway line underneath, in the style of the other major trunk skyroads.

The road running to AmpCity was not a skyroad, being built instead at ground level, so the track to AmpCity was not built into this road, instead taking a separate course slightly south.


Forbidden Outpost has a train station for the Freedonia Railway System, allowing onward travel on three lines:

  • GN Line: north towards Amp City, then west to the border, and east towards Spawn.
  • Domes railway towards the North Nexus via the Domes.
  • New Venice Line


The train station also features a Nether portal.

Notable buildings

  • The market square in the center still has public chests for shared communal materials and tools, recalling the original small community nature of the town.
  • The Craftbook Museum is just east of the town.
  • The Gatehouse guarding the road east to Amp City is one of the first buildings constructed in the town, built by SlowRiot.
  • TheMightyCheeze's baths.
  • Nipde's hotel.
  • Flippeh's house
  • Sky City trading outpost by skybirdthing
  • Cottage by Flippeh - possibly the last thing Flippeh constructed on the server.
  • Castle by ToneDial
  • House on the frozen lake built by Madjock999 after he was exiled from the main town for smuggling in construction materials against the original charter.
  • Forbidden Outpost station

Sky City

Map view of Sky City, 17 August 2011

More recently, a separate but closely connected settlement has popped up at Forbidden Outpost, named Sky City - this is a floating city, that has already expanded beyond the original size of Forbidden Outpost, and threatens to overshadow the original town entirely.