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User kisss256

Like the Original but better

Known as kisss256
Gender Male
Location Australia
Nationality Australian
Occupation Student becoming o.o ????
In Freedonia
First joined 24 June 2011
First building Home Near /warp Zeppelin
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  • Is a person
  • His skin is based off the default but better


  • Pistons
  • Redstone
  • All types of logical systems.


  • His lack of wealth
  • Griefers
  • Thieves



Close to zeppelin warp, he has a very nice 3 story (above ground) house, constructed of brick (yes, that's a lot of clay), mossy cobble (that was too expensive, anyone want to buy the leftovers?), and spruce logs. In the basement (floor -1), he has a very cool piston-operated chest room (chunk, chunk, chunk, chunk, x5).

The house also has a nice farm around the back, where the creator grows (entirely legal) crops.

Giant Piston

Also nearby is the "famous" (cough) Giant Piston. Every voxel of a standard piston is represented by a block in this awesome model. The inside is accessible through 3 awesome blind 2x3 piston doors which open when approached. They are also controlled by some buttons inside, rest assured there is no way to get locked out! When the creator gets around to it, he may even craft the piston with some slime balls to make it "sticky" (green wool, anyone?).

The giant piston was eventually going to become a piston shop, but unfortunately the creator cannot compete with alternate methods.

Pacman Arena

His latest project is making a playable pacman game. The game uses the original map and will be made using black and blue wool to fit the original style. Slimeballs will have to be collected while running away from steve mobs ... no armour or weapons allowed! What would be really cool is if a players could be teleported across the middle of the map like the original ... unfortunately craftbook does not have this capability. "Oh, yes it does..." shypixel


This page has in fact been written by the person this page is about. His views in no way represent the views of the general public. Feel free to help yourself to the bowl of salt in the corner.