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User monk30lol


Known as Monk
Gender Male
Location UK
Occupation village trader/miner/nice person. Now founder and proprietor of Monkokoro
In Freedonia
First joined 14 December 2011
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"Dammit monk" VXIIVV

"EVERYONE have u ever wonderin if u farted into a silencer would it be quiteter?......." - monk30lol

"SLOWRIOT wud it be irony if wood wasnt logged........" - monk30lol


"monk c'mon man" Enjoku


A kind, helpful and generous citizen of Freedonia who is the lead trader in the small community in which he parks his ass. He happily sells stuff given to him by his fellow villagers and then giving them a slice of the profit, knowing that all the riches he gathers can be used by him and his friends to improve the village. Or sommat. He likes to mine hence why his house is sitting ontop of a large mine which he has spent many hours instead of ICT revision excavating. His chicken farm supplies him with enough feathers for him to forge a vast armoury of arrows to last him his entire time on this server, putting arrows into the knees of creepers to turn them back into harmless penises once more. One of his ambitious projects that will begin construction once he finds the suitable space is a creeper made out of leaves with lava for eyes held in by glass, he hopes that this monument will help make the village noticeable to any passers by and hopefully a beacon to new people who have been invited to join the village as a signal to where to village is.

Monk is very cautious about his storage of materials even his locked chests, he gets very cautious when people he does not know start wondering around his house, although if they are admins or moderators he knows he can trust them - more or less. Monk tries to be friendly to everyone although some have made that difficult when they have killed him for no reason, such as the infamous dethshok, sometimes in his own house. He is generally harmless unless provoked in which if it is in his house he will put on his diamond armour and fight away any people who attack him or try to grief his home, becoz thatz the way he rollz.


Monk hopes some day to become a moderator or even an admin (try adding mods to minecraft.jar first monk...), but knows there are many obstacles in his way until he can get there.

Once the shop is complete, he has big plans for his own out of town shopping centre, but doesn't want to bring too much attention to his little village he helped lovingly create.

Monk soon realised that, with the 16 diamond LionsShop tax, it would be too expensive to operate a shop so instead stuck to selling things over the chat bar. Demand for items that made monk diamond rich such as records and slimeballs seems to have declined after the race on the server to get all the records was over, although monk helped to contribute to this since he was lucky to receive lots of records as hourly gifts.

In mid january 2012 monk realised if he ever wanted a fresh area to mine which wasn't filled with other peoples tunnels was to move to a new area, he moved taking only a few items and cleared his chosen island of trees, then replanted them the way he wanted, majority of his new house is underground and his mine is finally up to his standard.

Monk was lucky to discover a hidden cave right infront of the island when the sand below him fell revealing an entrance, he mined any resource he saw yet sadly hasn't found a dungeon yet, he continuosly searches in his mines for one although chances of finding one is slim.

Other residents of the village he was once in started to move away to do projects, M6LXB moved close by while other residents warped into the wilderness making meeting at the village different. Monk asked for a warp to be set up at the village for the villagers to meet up and to easily move materials to the new houses, yet overlord SlowRiot said no, since a new system to the warps would soon come into existence so all the warps would disappear (see Project Anubis).

Monk has now settled down and is preoccupied with helping his new vilage, Monkokoro flourish.

Monk hopes to stumble on a stronghold and become part of a group of a large amount of people on the server to enter the End and fight the enderdragon and return with spoils of its defeat, maybe set up an outpost there.

"The happy day"

on the 25th of January 2012, while doing a trade with Pettie Monk found diamond armour and tools only to find god donor jonathanpanda giving out diamond blocks to Pettie; Monk was then given 22 diamond blocks by Jonathan. He returned home and joyfully gave 10 diamond out to each of his online friends, but also received a cake from Machines_Are_Us as he was passing. Monk gave the cake to KIY192 knowing he would more grateful for it. Monk may make a temple to Jonathan to show gratitude towards him or as Waters_rain calls it, kiss assery.

His luck had not yet played its best hand yet though; Jonathan than gave monk a whole stack of diamond blocks and 10 spawners as well as transforming Monk's dirt blocks into grass with some magical bonemeal trickery.

After cleaning the jizz from his laptop, Monk swore to dedicate a shrine to those who donated selflessly to him that day. He is currently working on a shrine to jonathanpanda.

despite this sum of treasure monk will not use it a lot only every now and then for tools or potion ingredients since he mass produces potions, he will still keep to the survival idea of the server most of the diamond is hidden in chests which are covered to stop thieves.

Proud minecraft online moments:

recieved items from jonathon panda

invited people to spawn party which led to an army of pigmen and ghasts (see valentines day page for details).

had the song pain by hollywood undead played on the mco radio.

Asked the god like being slowriot to my tower where i took a screenshot of us standing together.

accomplishing the 3 points above in one day (valentines day).... probable sign he needs a girlfriend since he could have used that time and energy with her..... no giggity intended.

also started to make a house in the new warp mycelia opened by slowriot on valentines day so 4 things.

Was present when the 9000th ban was reached on 15/2/12

Became a member of jackal-corp on 16/2/12

fought side by side jman and dakka at battle of Mycelia on 18/02/2012.

gained rep from saying boobs 20/2/12

helped GABZWITHABZ in a house making project with others 19/2/12.

valentines day 2012: monk asked everyone to a spawn party the results where unique to say the least check the wiki page on this event.