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nexus_towns.png Monkokoro
Monkokoro thumb.png

The town as seen on 3 July 2012

Founder monk30lol
Contributors jenoro, M6LXB, gpcfox, bogdx
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes - with planning permission from monk30lol
Road link? No
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes - Lavatown line /st monkokoro
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=8080
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Monkokoro is a small town, in the vicinity of New Arcton and JannerVille, although it can also be reached by QWOPing through the ocean from Jimmyville. As of 2017, the village also has a rail link on the lavatown line, boat guidance bouys, and a Nexus link (see transportation links section).

In the beginning

Monkokoro is the brainchild of monk30lol, founded after the second expansion phase of Freedonia revealed some isolated islands in the middle of a vast ocean. The name bears a direct reference to Bionicle, a brand of Lego toy and associated merchandise, where the names of the villages are based on the protector for that village. Monk soon assembled the basic shape of the village and recruited new members to join the community.

Out and about in the village

The village features a scaled down model as a map to help navigate newcomers around, as well as a large 2D map in the welcome centre. It has a building theme of cobblestone with smoothstone trim and cyan/white dye highlights. Overlooking most of the village from the hill is a statue of Monk30lol holding a beacon to the sky. Historically it was a flaming Netherrack turd, but was rennovated bt M6LXB to reflect the village's growing wealth. jenoro made great contributions to the village in the form of his farms, mob and xp grinders and mass cobble generators. He and gpcfox also carved a tree farm pit into the desert around the back of the village.

Next to M6LXB's house is a slaughterhouse animal grinder by M6LXB, using The Iron Reef technology. Wool, leather, cooked pork and cooked beef can all be found here, free of charge. An automated tree farm is also under beta testing.

There are several small dwellings from past settlers as well as the floating Panda head above lake JP. Visitors are warned about the network of Monk30lol mines and storage facilities under the island and so should be careful when mining.

Finally, there is a Nether connection in the middle of the island on the main path for the more foolhardy traveller.

Future plans

Monkokoro must now look to the future. Terraforming to increase buildable land mass is the next step, allowing space for more residents and building projects. Much like Mycelia, Monkokoro aims to be a bastion of civilisation in the vast reaches of the Eastern oceans. Amenities such as resource generators aswell as entertainment facilities such as the PvP arena are all being fast tracked through planning permission.

Transport links


In early February 2017, the Annadmin giver of life and light, Anna_28 connected Monkokoro to Project Anubis, the Nexus network. Monkokoro can be reached by Nexus East (Orange), Hub 1. This will bring you to the visitor centre complex next to the diner and rail depot.


The link is now complete - users can travel from Jimmyville holding string (to take them East, away from spawn) and setting the station command /st monkokoro

After trying out the Freedonia Railway System on a whim, M6LXB became hooked on the idea of getting Monkokoro a rail link. Getting new people to the village required a dangerous 3km swim from Jimmyville, as the nearest warp. The only other alternative is pestering mods and admins for a teleport, which is a crapshoot at best, so is not guaranteed. So, it was time to break out the picks, and cue the music.

The railway system is a moderately complex implementation of some nifty craftbook features, often revolving around some simple sign syntax and the passenger holding a common object based on which line and which direction they are travelling in. In this case, the Lava Town line, paper (as always) directs to spawn while string is outwards from the centre of the map, towards Mycelia. Using the /st [station name] command, players also allow the rails to sort carts at intersections, or in this case, a branch from the main line. It is a long and costly project, but between them, M6 and monk30lol managed 300m of underwater track on the first day, with most station mechanics, such as the auto minecart dispenser and collector also ready for use.

After a 3 year hiatus, the link was completed in January 2017


Monkokoro can also be reached by the FlyingJellyfish Boat Route. Coming from the South West you will see the Southern lighthouse on your approach to the island. Coming from the North, such as from Chiv Island, you will pass monk30lol 's warehouse and pass the main downtown beach.

PvP arena

A new morale booster for mods and admins was conceived in passing by Krenath and monk30lol, and led to the development of a relatively small Coliseum-style arena with a dusty Roman feel to it to host the idea. The plan was put to SlowRiot by M6LXB, although the arena would be built regardless of Slow's decision, and would be used as a standard PvP arena if Slow decided against the idea. Currenly, the playspace and seating is complete, but the exterior, VIP boxes and combatant holding cells are yet to be started as of January 2017.