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User NickolasDiamond
Known as Nickolas, Nick, ND, Diamond
Gender Male
Location N/A
Nationality Greek
DOB 2003-06-18
In Freedonia
First joined June 15, 2016
First building Hotel-House for new players
Donor level *** Donor III
Kit level ***** Nether
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  • Lion King Town (L.K.T.) , a 2016 town that had the majority of active players living in there at the time. Never achieved having Nexus as back then having a Nexus was almost impossible.
  • Heaven On Sea, an extremely active city on an ocean with a Nexus link. Managed to be also one of the most active towns on its peak. Abandoned due to drama.
  • Infinity City, a new town in progress with a huge agenda regarding MCO's market and wellbeing of its residents and sellers that would like to stay/do business with/through us.

Personal Info

  • Likes golden cookies just for their looks and especially diamonds.
  • Likes hunting for player heads for head collection purposes (building a museum).
  • Never gets player's items without having any important conflict.
  • Always liked to bargain and do business whilst despises scammers.
  • Likes pinging NevadaDream without reason.
  • Likes summoning NevadaDream also without reason.
  • h cinn
  • Likes Azeur's gold. Tastes better than the rest.