Heaven On Sea

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green_towns.png Heaven On Sea
2021-05-01 13.31.19.png
Founder getplayerhead.sh?NickolasDiamond&16.png NickolasDiamond
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?JCobbler2012&16.png JCobbler2012
getplayerhead.sh?thefirethirteen&16.png thefirethirteen
getplayerhead.sh?KAIZA09&16.png KAIZA09
getplayerhead.sh?Lost_boyq&16.png Lost_boyq
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? almost-finished
Nexus link? No
Rail link? in the works
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=2661
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

The cause of creation

getplayerhead.sh?NickolasDiamond&16.png NickolasDiamond was in the process of creating Heaven On Sea next to Obernai. Although he decided to make it somewhere more isolated and far from other builds, hence the new town.

Screenshot 2021-06-26 20-28-04.jpg


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Our Flag

Our flag: Heaven On Sea's Flag

How to travel there.

  • By road/boat: Warp to NewHaven (/warp NewHaven) and follow this bridge.
  • By elytra: Use an elytra from Modos' Nexus.

Fastest way for all:

By boat, through our boat link right under the bridge mentioned above!

About the builds

Every day new builds are constructed in the new town "Heaven On Sea", such as houses & apartments, beacons (resistance, speed, jump boost, regeneration) & utility houses for public use. All builds are sea themed and build with Spruce Wood.

2021-07-24 14.57.02.png

Our town consists of 45 households (including: Apartments) 31 of which are occupied & the rest are waiting for their new owner!

XP Grinder

Heaven on Sea has a mid-tier classic XP grinder.

2021-05-25 12.22.38.png

Gold Farm

Heaven on Sea has a gold farm. NOTE: For hos residents or higher rank ONLY! Don't be that one guy coming here for free gold, we don't have it.

Gold Farm



2021-06-09 11.55.10 arena.jpg


Dante's Peak

A build in progress by getplayerhead.sh?jgo&16.png jgo. And now also getplayerhead.sh?NickolasDiamond&16.png NickolasDiamond. NickolasDiamond has purchased the rights to modify the perms of the build for 100 diamond blocks On July 18 2021.

2023-11-04 22.58.13.jpg

It is intended to simulate the slope of a volcano island and to provide space for town members to build on.

XIQJUPT.jpg2021-08-09vieww.jpg2021-aug-09.jpg2021-07-18 04.20.16.jpg31os7Ww.jpgScreenshot 2021-07-04 13-34-38 cartoon.jpg

Heaven On Sea's unique builds

The town has its unique build. Not unique by the construction work, but unique for its use: The Bank. The Bank is what the name implies. A bank where all residents (or non-residents) can get any block loans. The loan must be paid back in a deadline. So why is this unique? The Bank offers:

  • Protection to the town residents, with guards paid/supported by the bank.
  • Serverwide bounties to those who kill within the town's grounds. *bounties also apply to those who do not meet the deadlines for paying back the loans.*
  • Help to those who go bankrupt and are residents of the town.

2021-07-24 14.57.04.png

Heaven On Sea also has 2 more unique builds. 1 called the Temple of Order & another one which is our museum.

- The Temple of Order is a temple dedicated to the protector & god of the town Excalibur_NUMNUM.

- Our museum has many rare findings and prototype books which can not be found easily or at all. The museum is located right next to the Temple of Order.


The Elites

The town has a rank system.

  • Residents: they live outside of the "Elite Square"
  • Town Guards: they live outside of the "Elite Square"
  • Elite Guards: they live in the "Elite Square"
  • The Elites: they are the town's... let us say... "rich" people or those who contributed the most. The Elites help the bank with recourses or the town with buildings.

The Elites have the following perks:

  • Make decisions regarding the town (that can only be overridden by the founder of the town).
  • Submit bounties for free.
  • Have protection by elite guards paid by The Bank.
  • Be escorted by elite or town guards paid by The Bank.
  • Gambling game nights & secret meetings.
  • Live safe on the Elite Square.

Becoming an Elite: To become an Elite you need to donate at least 20 diamond blocks to The Bank or build a large house in the Elite Square and donate at least 10 diamond blocks. Every once in a while (2 weeks at least) they need to donate something valuable or help with town projects to maintain their Eliteship.

Te-lg.png The-bank.webp Te-lg.png

Active resident list | Town accepts only active residents!

  1. getplayerhead.sh?Excalibur_NUMNUM&16.png Excalibur_NUMNUM {Deity | Elite}
  2. getplayerhead.sh?NickolasDiamond&16.png NickolasDiamond {Owner/Founder | Elite}
  3. getplayerhead.sh?JCobbler2012&16.png JCobbler2012 {Co-Owner Agreed Upon}
  4. getplayerhead.sh?2b2tLegends&16.png 2b2tLegends {HoS Staff | Elite gaurd}
  5. getplayerhead.sh?Lost_boyq&16.png Lost_boyq {HoS Staff}
  6. getplayerhead.sh?ReactingManiac&16.png ReactingManiac {Elite}
  7. getplayerhead.sh?EastDakota&16.png EastDakota {Elite}
  8. getplayerhead.sh?Laws0m1&16.png Laws0m1 {Elite guard}
  9. getplayerhead.sh?Szymon98453&16.png Szymon98453 {Elite guard}
  10. getplayerhead.sh?KAIZA09&16.png KAIZA09 {Elite guard}
  11. getplayerhead.sh?abbiekitten&16.png abbiekitten {Elite guard}
  12. getplayerhead.sh?Jaysax_&16.png Jaysax_ {Elite guard}
  13. getplayerhead.sh?1Cutenip&16.png 1Cutenip {Elite guard}
  14. getplayerhead.sh?jgo&16.png jgo {Builder}
  15. getplayerhead.sh?thefirethirteen&16.png thefirethirteen {Builder}
  16. getplayerhead.sh?RainBd&16.png RainBd {Builder}
  17. getplayerhead.sh?ClonLP&16.png ClonLP {Builder}
  18. getplayerhead.sh?Ren&16.png Ren {Resident}
  19. getplayerhead.sh?RobotReaction&16.png RobotReaction {Resident}
  20. getplayerhead.sh?Duplizieren&16.png Duplizieren {Resident}
  21. getplayerhead.sh?sm0ney5&16.png sm0ney5 {Resident}
  22. getplayerhead.sh?Nostalgia_61&16.png Nostalgia_61 {Resident}
  23. getplayerhead.sh?runarlogi&16.png runarlogi {Resident}
  24. getplayerhead.sh?HZombieMan&16.png HZombieMan {Resident}
  25. getplayerhead.sh?Anubis773&16.png Anubis773 {Resident}
  26. getplayerhead.sh?RobotReaction&16.png RobotReaction {Resident}
  27. getplayerhead.sh?Bonn0re&16.png Bonn0re {Resident}
  28. getplayerhead.sh?uomouovo&16.png uomouovo {Resident}
  29. getplayerhead.sh?SkyJackie&16.png SkyJackie {Resident}
  30. getplayerhead.sh?Hornacious&16.png Hornacious {Resident}
  31. getplayerhead.sh?Mechman007&16.png Mechman007 {Resident} | Has a house..not 100% resident.
  32. getplayerhead.sh?AngelVibezz&16.png AngelVibezz {Resident}
  33. getplayerhead.sh?Mr_Ey&16.png Mr_Ey {Resident}
  34. getplayerhead.sh?Raycasting&16.png Raycasting {Resident}
  35. getplayerhead.sh?AviationPro&16.png AviationPro {Resident}
  36. getplayerhead.sh?Nofleet&16.png Nofleet {Resident}
  37. getplayerhead.sh?ProGamerNoob89&16.png ProGamerNoob89 {Resident}
  38. getplayerhead.sh?cozmo_et&16.png cozmo_et {Resident}