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User PoppySeedMuffins

is cute

Known as Thaelo
Gender Doughnut
Location Nebraska
Nationality American
DOB 2000-12-3
Occupation Doughnut
In Freedonia
First joined March 5, 2013
First building House near Caverns
Kit level ***** Diamond
Legacy donor level ***** Diamond
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Now known as Thaelo, Poppy is a hella rad guy with some bomb ass houses! He's a funny, well liked moderator who "seems to have a way with the flowers." He enjoys building and teasing whiney 12 year olds. He has houses and builds all over Freedonia in places such as Winterthorn and Treetown . He has a baked goods shop on the cyan level of Diamondmall and he's building a book shop in the plaza out front of said mall. He has countless houses all over the map in random spots. How he keeps track of them all, no one knows. He's also working, although slowly, on a Panfreedonia rail system project which was started by DarterSwiftblade. If you wish to help with this public works project contact Thaelo, DarterSwiftblade*, or huskyredstone* for details and they'll get you started!

  • *Those two are rarely on so your best bet is to contact Thaelo :)