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nexus_cities.png Treetown

A view of Treetown from the map

Founder treepuncher755
Contributors treepuncher755, Excalibur_NUMNUM, Jibletz, ZomJosh, Markrafter9 PoppySeedMuffins auwert UltraLightMemes, doggo_simmer19, Skytrill, JDogzone, Deinocheirus, kimono_no_no, Number_X_Gamer, mk59apr,, Bowbyslag, LewisD95, stmycraft,
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? With treepuncher755's permission
Nexus link? Yes
Boat link? Yes (Mushiana route)
Coordinates X=-12699
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Creation treepuncher755 founded Treetown after the death of Fakestaff on September 25th, 2016.
It was created to replace Fakestaff_HQ. treepuncher755 began work on the town and shortly afterwards invited its original member auwert who built the towns first house.

Shortly after its creation a giant game of "tag" was had there, which inspired many to build there.

Naming treepuncher755 had several name ideas before UltraLightMemes suggested Treetown.
Tree liked the idea and the name stuck.

It was going to be named Treetopia but tree was threatened with death by Jibletz.


Treetown is close to Kyrza and connected to Fakestaff_HQ.
To get to Treetown, most use the light blue Nexus Southwest Hub 3 to get to Kyrza, then follow the path just outside of Kyrza to Fakestaff_HQ and Treetown.

Notable Builds

  • Member Board
  • Excalibur_NUMNUM's Public COOP Super Mega Grinder V4.0
  • mk59apr's tree
  • Gold farm
  • Haven Embassy
  • Library
  • Mark rafter's face
  • Sheep farm
  • Zomjosh's potion shop
  • Excalibur_NUMNUM's tree farm
  • Stone Farm
  • Cow Farm
  • Freeman77's Monument
  • Stmycraft's Food District

2016-10-10 16.51.21.png FH0223.jpeg

^ Screenshot of treetown taken Oct 10 2016, from mk's tower

Screenshot of treetown on 1/6/17 showing the progress(below)



Treetown features a mega grinder built by Excalibur_NUMNUM and with help by many others.
It has a massive 440 spawners. This grinder also features a tree farm with every type of wood. It has attracted many old and new players alike.

Mega-grinder1.png 2017-01-06 19.09.25.png


Treetown as of 1/6/17 currently has 37 members. The first was auwert, and that number is expected to grow

The statues of Treetown

A tradition in Treetown is to build a statue of yourself

Currently 7 statues are in Treetown with two more being added soon.

Currently there are statues of these players: treepuncher755 PoppySeedMuffins mk59apr C0ntrlAltDel Haythamnkenway Deinocherius Excalibur_NUMNUM Jibletz, and with planned statues of Anna_28 stmycraft

2017-01-31 12.40.25.png 2017-01-31 12.34.30.png 2017-01-31 12.44.16.png

The Treetown Tree

Large and somewhat real life like tree by mk59apr. Built starting January 2017.

TreetownTree5.jpg TreetownTree6.png

^ screenshots from sketchup design and the MCO server

Media ScarClaw72 featured the city in his 22nd episode of Exploring Freedonia, as part of its second season. (Starts at 7:30)