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User ReverseDmitry

Formerly a 2016 gamer skin, now a femboy skin.

Known as Reverse, Dmitry
Gender Male
Location Russia
In Freedonia
First joined 19 July 2018
First building Townetria
Donor level * Donor
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ReverseDmitry was promoted to mod on June 4th, 2019. Current speculation is he was forced into accepting as part of some kind of hostage situation.

During September and early October of 2019, Dmitry was called ForwardDmitry, thanks to an incident with FlyingJellyfish. He has since changed his name back.

ReverseDmitry is ok sometimes ish, he does everything backwards, i prefered when it was Forward. - tyhdefu

After suspicion of duplicating items, ReverseDmitry was eventually banned on January 26th, 2020 following evidence of abusing duplication exploits. His moderator status has since then been stripped.

"ever since reverse and posa got banned i've been very lonely"
"i misread nevadadream as reversedmitry and freaked out for a second" - monsoonman, who misses him very much.

"very nice person. don't judge him by the fact that he broke this server's rules." - AriVB