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User Tekupuristo

Tech Priest

Known as Archmagos Ferrus Augustus
Gender The flesh is weak, but the machine is strong.
Location Mars
Nationality Martian
Occupation Tech Priest
In Freedonia
First joined March 17th 2019
First building Tekupuristo's Japanese Castle
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donor
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Tekupuristo, named derived from テックプリースト which is Katakana conversion of "Tech Priest", elite citizen of the Highlands. He likes guns, weeb stuff, old cars and history. He's very sarcastic and ironic about things, he ovbiously does not truly believe in the machine god. He's an unironic Christian though and that's about it.

About Him Tekupuristo is sadly a moderator at minecraft online, he can't keep his mouth shut and has a rather dark sense of humor, he is confirmed to be insane, nothing he suffers from but thoroughly enjoys every minute of. Tekupuristo first joined the server on the March 17th 2019 or at least that's what the wiki says (what wiki? This wiki numbnuts!) but he doesn't remember, nor does he care.
First building of his was a dugout somewhere not that far from spawn, but it has been legally abandoned, and he doesn't remember where it was to begin with. Nick invited him to build his castle in the highlands, so he did. Tekupuristo doesn't build all that much really, he has a few builds, his main camp, the japanese castle, a tower in snakytown, some apartment somewhere he forgot where it was, and currently building a cathedral he dubbed "Cathedral of the Loyal Companion". At least when he's not checking things around the game for griefs.

What He Likes

  • Guns
  • Yo' moma
  • Yo' moma jokes.
  • Jesus <3
  • Cars. His dream is a Duesenberg SJ, never going to afford it sweetheart.
  • Cars, his actual dream is a 1930's streamlined luxury car with a V18 all made by him, not going to happen either.
  • Gun Jesus. (If you don't know, don't bother)
  • Meat, meat and meat, nothing vegetarian about this guy. Does still eat a lot of veggies. They're good for you. Eat your veggies kids.
  • Dogs <3
  • Helping others. He's not good at it, but he tries :>
  • Pink, favourite colour, Red second, purple third.
  • History.
  • Monarchy, kinda. This guy is fairly conservative, but mostly quite even on all political fronts tbf.
  • Talking about himself in third person.
  • Players who don't grief <3
  • Food. Meat was mentioned but tbf, he loves cooking. Authentic italian recipes, and takeout? Asian, pretty much always.
  • Warhammer 40k
  • Warhammer Fantasy, not age of Shitmar though.
  • All fantasy really. Lotr, WoW somewhat, hell RuneScape even has its moments.
  • Messing with TheDemetri
  • Messing with Eclypto18
  • Messing with WaffleNomster
  • Romanov's.

What He Dislikes


The Japanese Castle in the Highlands.

The Japanese Castle

A japanese castle in the Highlands. That's about it.