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User WaffleNomster


Known as Waffle
Gender Male
Location UK-London
Nationality Irish/Australian
DOB 1999-01-21
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined December 30th 2012
First building A small house on a hill
Staff member Admin
Kit level ***** Nether
Legacy donor level ***** Nether
View profile and statistics BenPotter8> well waffle is 7 feet tall with arms like tree trunks - cant help but assault people

History KingOfCheeseLand told WaffleNomster about the land of Freedonia in early April of 2012 but he didn't actually buy Minecraft until late April. The first thing he did when he booted up Minecraft for the first time was log in to He had no clue what Minecraft was he just had the goal in his head to start his journey on Freedonia.

Back then WaffleNomster played on his original account jddiecan119 WaffleNomster's first home was in a hill just outside of the central nexus, after he had gathered enough materials he felt it was time to move. He ventured south east of the central Nexus and set up his home under what he thought was a really cool plane! He built the ugliest cobble house you could imagine and KingOfCheeseLand wasn't very happy with this. This caused the great build battle of 2012 to start! KingOfCheeseLand set a reward of 64 Diamondblocks to whoever could make the nicest house. This was an UNREAL amounts of diamonds for the competitors ( WaffleNomster & Bondmaster)

After a week of hardwork the deadline was over and they eagerly awaited the results. However the results were never told to the competitors and so they had no idea who had won. That was until WaffleNomster logged onto MCO to find a chest with 64 diamondblocks sitting in his house! It turns out that he had won the competition even though his house resembled that of a cardboard box.

When WaffleNomster returned to the land of Freedonia on his new account he made a new house which was on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere, it's a shame that it is still nowhere to be seen. Maybe it will be found one day?

Having lived on his own for a month or so he was invited to live with the infamous Williambriscoe. However the timing of moving in with Will was possibly the worst timing ever. The Lynch Mob turned up at Will's and Waffles house looking for vengeance on Williambriscoe for his wrong doings. Unfortunately for WaffleNomster, he was caught in the crossfire and died numerous times while attempting to move in. Angered by the rude hospitality he received while moving in he decided he had had enough and from that day became the killer/Head Hunter that he is today.

Over the years there have been many long going battles between WaffleNomster and other players of Freedonia such as; crazyrecieve bubba_basti thesprazzzler theschlozmeister ardoom1 WaffleNomster was modded on June 5th, 2019, having returned to Freedonia after a long 2 year break. And at this moment, he is still not doing anything particularly useful.

The Gang was created by by a very sleep deprived WaffleNomster. He's not sure why it came across his mind but he knew he wanted to make a gang in his sleep deprived state. WaffleNomster was promoted to Admin on the 8th of September, 2019

Current Projects



  • Derrickson1 (He's Waffles favourite person)
  • Doing absolutely nothing. That's what he always does
  • FlyingJellyfish & jimmyd93's shenanigans like spawning mobs around him
  • Killing people for their heads to add to his collection
  • Saying he'll build in someones town but never actually does
  • Being ickyacky's adopted son and lover-boy
  • Taking new players to a place to build
  • Pancakes
  • To annoy DemetriCZ


  • Being asked to finish his builds
  • Having to actually do something productive