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User Spektra_

Faceless. (We don't talk about why.)

Known as Felix, Chloe, Spek, or Spekkles. (Only by Aziroeth)
Gender Sometimes. (Female most times)
Location America
Nationality ?????
DOB 2004-10-28
Occupation Editor (General)
In Freedonia
First joined 23rd August 2020
First building A large castle somewhere FAR northeast of Spawn. It's not there anymore.
Donor level * Donor
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(This page is written entirely by Spektra_ herself.)


Haiiii! I'm Chloe, a former player here on McO ! I'm no longer active due to the reasons listed in that section, but if you've found me on some event page that I was part of, or have heard of me through player conversation, this is the place where you can get to know me a little better !

About Me

Hallo! Again, I'm Chloe, and I'm a nineteen year old woman at the time of writing this! I'm also Biro/Ace (Biromantic asexual), and an Atheist ! I'm well-versed in technical specifications of many old home consoles, and am a computer hardware nerd ! (Specs in their own section!) I also know too much about Minecraft itself, I know about a lot of its technical tricks, and how the game works in detail ! Ask me about almost any feature, and I can probably tell you how it works ! Just don't ask me how to craft a piston, I still can't freaken remember the recipe over a decade later smh... I've gone by a few different usernames, you may know me as "Spektra", or by my nickname, "Spek" !!

Why I'm no longer active here, and what I used to do here.

In short, due to the trouble that Otis_Wong caused and the aftermath of all of that nonsense. In long, I've simply moved on with my life. I don't play Minecraft as much as I used to, and I have different passions ! I join once a year now, only on McO's birthday to get those exclusive items ! But other than that, I'm not active here at all, and I'm not in the Discord either. Mostly all of my friends that I've made here have also moved on from McO, and we all do other things ! For example, I make YouTube videos, I game a lot, and I tinker with technology ! I used to be very active. I played at least once a day when time permitted ! I built three houses, I helped with the construction of Baker's Edge, joined Finland before it died, helped a bunch of players out with a lot of different things, and more ! I also used to walk around Spawn a lot. I used to (and very much still am) be obsessed with screenshots, and I'd take probably at least thirty a day, some with and without shaders ! My favourite shaders are "Complimentary", and I usually used a PBR resource pack for that extra flair ! You should look in the media channel in the Discord and search for some of my old "RTX" screenshots! I think you'd like them ! Unfortunately, due to an issue I had with an SD card I didn't know was nearly full (I am blind lmao), I lost a LOT of my, at the time, over two and a half THOUSAND screenshots. Currently, I'm down to 1.4K, with a lot of them still missing. I recovered as many as I possibly could, but there were some in a couple of now-deleted McO-adjacent servers. Those screenshots are lost to time, and are irrecoverable.

My Computer Specs !

Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix B-550-F

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core @3.6GHz

RAM: 16GB (2 x 8) DDR4 @2666MHz

GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR6

OS: Windows 10 Home Version; I also have a separate drive with Vanilla Arch installed. (Arch btw)


HDD: 1TB BaraCuda HDD @7200rpm

What I like !

My Friends, Sonic, Femboys, art, animation, video editing, and talking in VCs !!

What I dislike... blegh...

Lots of things. Queerphobia, Nintendo, drawing tablets without screens, my slow upload speed (2mb/s), and mean people.

What I'm up to nowadays !!

Nowadays, I'm mostly active in the SRB2 community, and I'm a mostly self-taught beginner mapmaker for it, and GZDoom. I love making custom maps for both of these games, though technically, none of the projects I've ever worked on have ever been released. I'm completely solo in my work, and only occasionally receive help whenever I'm confused about linedef types and things haha !! My username over there is the same as it is here !! I also make videos on my YouTube channel too !! Not very active, but I post projects whenever I happen to finish one !!

Special Shoutouts Area

All of my friends who I made here over the course of my time here. Thanks guys, you really do keep me going! I look forwards to many more years to come! :D

The First Screenshot!

My first screenshot on McO. Taken a month and a day after I joined.