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User strayonesobbing
Known as Stray
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese/Korean
DOB -12-18
In Freedonia
First joined September 7th 2019
First building Island Hermitage
Donor level * Donor
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"I think I just witnessed the online equivalent of fixing with duct tape." - strayonesobbing

A Brief Guide to Stray

Affably evil thief, statue specialist and likely the only person you've seen use 'Hoohoohoo', Stray is the founder of PTEland and a highly active player. If not bouncing through the Nexus to get to his latest build, he's either drawing up designs for another or gathering materials. Although not the best at socializing, Stray tries to be as friendly as possible- to those who don't draw his ire, anyway.

Stray's Notable Experiences

First Few Days: Joining the server for the first time, Stray had no plans of interacting with anyone and regarded everyone with suspicion. Shortly after gathering food at the spawn farms, he was killed by ReverseDmitry. Although a minor inconvenience at best, this kicked off an intense distrust of any and all players for several days. By the time Stray figured out that nobody else was trying to kill him, he had already created an island base 10,000 blocks away from spawn.

Journey to the Jungle (and Gran Syre): While setting up his base Stray found himself in dire need of cocoa beans, both for brown dye and cookies. Thus, he went looking for a jungle on the map and found one near the northeastern border. Stray packed his bags and set out, crossing perilous expanses of land and swimming across oceans for ages.

Stray eventually found a great plaza of sandstone, unknowingly stumbling upon Gran Syre. After a brief tour, he went to the coordinates and found absolutely nothing.

It was only then that Stray realized he had gone in the complete opposite direction. Cursing his horrible sense of direction, Stray redid the journey. He successfully gathered jungle wood and cocoa beans, swearing the entire time.

PTEland Begins: Soon, Stray began having ideas of creating a town. Out of sheer coincidence M_Moreau had the same idea and the two agreed to establish a town, on the condition that Stray would first build two statues.

Stray would be sidetracked by other projects such as embassies and most notably, the Jibtopia Build Competition Halloween 2019. Moreau started playing less and less. When Stray began work on the town, Moreau was nowhere to be found. Thus, Stray established PTEland all by himself.

PTEland officially opened on October 31st 2019.

The Routerening: jossps, building a torii gate, found himself in need of red and black wool. Stray had already built a rainbow sheep farm to supply his statue making, so he offered to help. Easily filling the black wool order, he waited for his red sheep to regrow their wool. During this time the router in Stray's dorm shut off unexpectedly.

Upon returning, he found himself in the middle of the worst lag he had ever experienced on any server. Initially expecting the lag to clear up on its own, it only got worse as hours ticked by. However, he already swore to supply wool and wasn't willing to back down.

Stray fought the lag with blood, sweat and tears, constantly reconnecting and communicating through Discord. When at last the final piece of red wool was delivered, Stray finally rested- for about five seconds before he had to go to school.

Fortunately, after an automatic update the very next day, all of the lag disappeared. Stray still has nightmares about it.