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"✨ Life is hard, life is tough. We'll get through it tho! ... maybe✨"

User Teaacup

A old persona of a dog wearing a beret (Not a furry)

Known as Tea
Gender Male
Location England
Nationality Lithuanian
DOB ??-02-18
Occupation Engineer
In Freedonia
First joined 9:39 PM on Monday 03 February, 2020
First building Hamilton Outpost
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donor
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🛠️ Stuff I'm working on:

Stuff I'm building: Stuff I'm Helping out on
Hamilton Outpost Creosote's breeders
Atlantis I , II & III Creosote's Trading hall
Moonlight Ridge


⛏️ Skins:

Evolution of my skin
OG Skin: I didn't know what to base my first custom skin off, I kinda thought a dog was cute, so I drew up a cute white dog. I then realised that I looked really plain, so I gave him a beret just like the one I got from TF2

Jacket Tea: I thought giving my character a jacket might be cool, so I did, I played alot of hotline miami at the time, thought it looked pretty good

Santa Tea: Big fan of christmas, be nice or i'll steal your liver.

Grey Beret Tea: I did bedwars alot at the time, thought a darker skin looked cooler to fight in XD

Winter Tea: ok i actually really like this skin, its an mix of the santa skin and my jacket skin, its just so vibe.

Demon Lord Tea: Really got into TenSura, so in a fantasy minecraft realm, i was the big baddy villian :)

HD Tea: I reworked some of the colours to look nicer, I was really inspired by the new minecraft texture pack

Migrator Tea: Made a skin to look closer to the new migrator cape

Halloween Tea: Stared too much into the abyss, it stared back

Layers Tea: ok i got bugged that layers are a thing and that my character looks really blocky, happy now? Cause I am :P

Comments: SenatorApple A very cool fellow