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User SenatorApple
Known as Apple
DOB 2001-03-12
In Freedonia
First joined 10/09/2020
First building House in Charlietown
Staff member Admin
Donor level **** Donor IV
Kit level ***** Demigod
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Early days Appleheadfr is joining for the first time! 
< Vecxin> Welcome to MCO Applehead, please and follow the rules. Have fun!
< diamond_golum> Welcome Applehead :D
< xDrdrs76> welcome apple 
< Appleheadfr> hey

SenatorApple first stepped into MinecraftOnline in the early afternoon on September 10th, 2020, mostly quietly.

After exploring the new lands of this server for a bit, they encountered their first friend on Freedonia, a player named RobotReaction, who warmly welcomed them on the server, and proposed they joins the town he lives in, Charlietown.

Charlietown Revival

After accepting the offer, SenatorApple built their very first house on the server, little did they know this would start the revival of this 2014 village, as the pair started actively expanding and improving the town.

Some time later, when still working on the town, Moderator 1Catnip hears of Charlietown and decides to give it a visit, and even join efforts, building in town as well, Moderator tyhdefu also joined briefly and built a house in town.

The town grew a lot in the spawn of a few months, expanding on all sides and welcoming new players, which was the new goal of the town.

Promotion to Moderator

SenatorApple featured at the Visitor Center, October 2021..

SenatorApple was promoted to Moderator on October 24th 2020, under the name Appleheadfr at the time, 6 weeks after first joining in September.

Initial Promotion: Appleheadfr joined the game.
< Appleheadfr> Hi guys!
< r9q> gm apple
< Drdrs_> hi apple
< Appleheadfr> What's everyone up to? :)
< r9q> wait
< BlueBlaziken> WOA
< Selimbits> Apple is a mod?
< BlueBlaziken> gg apple
< r9q> wtf
< CheesieMC> how do you make a sign elevator?
< BlueBlaziken> You're one of us now!
< Selimbits> POG
< Appleheadfr> Thank you Blue!! :D
< Drdrs_> GG
< Selimbits> Now I have two mod heads :)
< r9q> gg apple Selimbits left the game.
< r9q> Imagine getting mod within a month of joining lol
< MrSlimeDiamond> APPLE IS BLUE?
< MrSlimeDiamond> alr fucking gn all

And he reaches 300 hours just a few minutes later!

[DSC] < 1Catnip> Applehead do be speedrunning modship doe
< BlueBlaziken> Hi kingserval
< Appleheadfr> lmaoo
< KingServal> hi
(MCS) Appleheadfr has played for over 300 hours! 
(MCS) Selimbits has played for over 30 hours! 
< KingServal> gg
< Drdrs_> GG


After a while, Apple had become very close friends with 1Catnip, one night while in Discord voice chat together, Apple mentions the desire to create their own town, but is still unsure as to whether or not it is a realistic idea. 1Catnip proposes that the two could create said town together, after just a bit of convincing, SenatorApple was in.

The name of the town was something that came quite late, after creation of the town had already begun. Montegaux stayed sort of a secret for most of its early days.

< 1Catnip> Dogscraps was a better name :(
< SenatorApple> no

Montegaux was made fully public when it got a Nexus link, on February 23rd, 2021.

Promotion to Admin SenatorApple Stands Defiantly in front of the Visitor Centre after being Promoted to Admin.
A picture of the temporary monument at spawn for the newly promoted admins.

SenatorApple was promoted to Administrator on May 6th 2023, alongside Void42_ and tyhdefu.

Initial Promotion:

< podd> everyone BOOT UP 1.20~!!!!!
< SlowRiot> it's my tremendous pleasure to announce the promotion of three new admins!  Please welcome Void42, SenatorApple and tyhdefu!
< yourshadowdr> do we need to be ready to do a screenshot
< dvvaz> gay sex update?
< SenatorApple> I'm ripening!
< Luigifan100> *~**GG**~*
< Clomik> HOLY SHIOT
< Eclypto18> WOOOOOOOOOO
< FuzbolMC> GGGGG
< WaffleNomster> woooooooooh!!
< iandontask> yooooo
< AdoreKitten> omg lol
< NightSteak9> YOOOO
< NedHuman> YOOOO
< Acesrt> GG
< iandontask> WOOOOOOO
< Cosmic_potato_04> GG!
< Crafter_Keegan> *~**GG**~*
< OutboardBag2629> GG!
[DSC] < Nii> # this is gonna take a while..


  • Rare and collectible items
  • The MCO Wiki
  • Exploring Alpha-Beta terrain
  • Keeping McO safe
  • Museums
  • Peace and quiet


  • Grief
  • Rude people
  • People who AFK at farms
  • Invasions
  • People who shit talk McO just for the sake of it
  • Verico

Notable builds/Contributions

Skin History

Note : This section only contains notable, more long term skins, not one time skins or those that were accidentally/voluntarily left out.

Over time, Apple's skin was edited to slowly but surely look more like Apple's real life appearance, as well as to best fit their personality.

See all skins here!


Feel free to add any yourself!

< Darkerfly> even though you keep changing your name, you will forever be the apple head in my heart.
< 1Catnip> i love you
< TheGriffinLord> viva la revolution
< RainBD> Apple is a cool apple! :D
< Teaacup> Might have to steal you from catnip one day :)
< BlueBlaziken Nice guy, I remember all the fun times we had building Montegaux! shame he isn’t fr tho
< 4untochrist> Oui Oui Baguette viva le France hon hon hon Eiffel tower croissant viva le revolution crapes
< MSWindows> He's a great guy and he deserves his Admin Promotion so well done.
< Java64Bit> Love this guy!
< _WizardDev_> good guy
< oskw> Helped me reverting some griefs, I still feel bad for him, give him a raise!