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User Thonykidd

Formal Enderman

Known as Thony or Anthony
Gender Male
Location California
Nationality American
DOB 1992-10-7th
Occupation Architect, builder, simple circuitry
In Freedonia
First joined May 15th, 2011
First building The "Twin Towers"
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Then I took a chest to the head... Thanks Machines.

About Him

Thonykidd - most people get confused and say "Thorny" or in some cases some just can't pronounce "Thony." He is a nice person, a helper, and overall an easy person to get along with. Respects his fellow staff members and even the new players that come on-board to MinecraftOnline. Currently an GOD Donor that is loyal to the server 100% and always looking over other players stuff so they can feel safe to build more. Always here to help. Likes to give tips, recommendations, suggestions, and opinions.


Thonykidd likes all types of things that range from Redstone circuitry to architecture. The main thing that intrigues him the most is the Redstone circuits that are complex and that include Pistons and/or Integrated circuit to make interesting results. The person that he admires the most would have to be samoroth and KingOfCheeseLand for having thoughtful-creative ideas that have to do with redstone and architecture.


  • The first time Thony joined the server, he wanted to build two towers of cobblestone and call it the all-famous "Twin Towers." Of course, at that moment he didn't know there was a warp called exactly that, TwinTowers.
  • Later on he went and lived in KingOfCheeseLand's island. It was a wonderful place, but then he moved yet again with KingOfCheeseLand out in the wilderness.
  • Project "Bat-cave!" was underway but unfortunately void fog ruined the experience. The project was left alone.
  • Currently working on an Isengard tower/town in his own private island!

Prayers from mortals Hermesbird:Our thony who art in Freedonia, hallowed be thy name Hermesbird: thy kingdom come AlexFD: all hail thee, thony, for practicing thine divine judgement on thy holy subjects
Note: by "His divine judgement" (Thony caught him), AlexFD was banned for using an x-ray mod (an unforgivable abomination) by admin Machines_Are_Us. Alex was unbanned though.