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green_landscapes.png TwinTowers

Map view of the area on 10 May 2012, showing little of its original form

Founder Unknown
Category Landscapes
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Size north to south 60m
Size west to east 60m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes (Great Circle Route)
Portal? No
Coordinates X=1607
Dimension Overworld
Map link

This controversially named settlement began, unbelievably, as an area of naturally occurring landscape. A freak of the first edition of the world generator algorithm, two giant rectilinear towers stood alone in an otherwise smooth, lightly wooded plain.


Due to its name, it rapidly became a popular haunt for self-identified outcast elements of the server, and many counterculture individuals and factions (i.e. the Legion have in the past set up homes there; it has become associated with trolling. The towers themselves have not been preserved in a natural state, but have been hollowed out and a bridge built between them. Most notably (and controversially), an airplane has been built flying towards one of the towers.

As time went by, and more player structures appeared around these natural monoliths, they began to appear less and less natural. The majority of their original appeal evaporated with this, and they began to look more like badly built man-made towers. As such, they fell into disrepair, the troll slums that had built up around them failed to attract any long-term residents, and as a travel destination it became overshadowed by the Lava Town line of the Freedonia Railway System. Its warp was eventually removed, and now it is merely a minor sight on the long ride south along the rails.


On 10 May 2012, The_Jackal_249, captbunzo, FlyingJellyfish and SlowRiot went on a safari to the past of Freedonia by running a historical server and client combination, on the original Freedonia backup, allowing the first edition world generator algorithm to run its course. Using this, they were able to obtain screenshots of the original, untouched twin towers formations:

Map view of Test1 on 10 May 2012, showing the revitalised crater


It is located in near proximity to the admin-only Test1 warp, as this was considered the most remote discovered place on the server at the time. It was a region for admins to test various tools, and is considered dangerous as it is liable to be erased at any time. Despite this, many player homes have since emerged here - perhaps because of its close proximity to TwinTowers. Test1 is still considered an admin training ground, and is used in the rare events of an admin induction process as a practice ground for tools such as VoxelSniper, WorldEdit and Cuboid.

The location itself was chosen for its remarkably flat and featureless terrain - terrain that nobody would miss were it to inadvertently get blown up.

At one point, a particularly powerful blast decimated the area, opening a very large crater indeed, which became a feature visible from space in the early map views. This in itself drew more player homes to the area. Finally, around a year after its inception, Krenath decided to revitalise the area, by planting trees over the remainder of the crater and building some nice forest paths towards a clearing at its centre. The village located in the crater is called Arecibo.

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