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User Vecxzin

"A Punky Looking Robotic Pirate Fox"

Known as Vecx, Vec, Vex, Foxy's Gay Cousin, Foxyboy
Gender Male
Location United States
Nationality British/Italian/Polish/Hispanic
DOB 2001-12-28th
Occupation C.S Robotics/A.I Student, pizzeria party Host, and animatronic technician in a simulation lab.
In Freedonia
First joined January 21st 2020
First building VecxTech Laboratories
Staff member Admin
Donor level * Donated
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"AH A FURRY SCUM" trollingexpert

"Its almost as if there was a terrible storm in early 2020, and I got shipwrecked and I woke up on the shores of MCO." Vecxzin

"Hehe look I'm Vecxzin, I go Beep..Boop..arrr" winx51

"Then he threatened to ban me! What the fuck, Vecxzin, dude. Oh my god. Jesus Christ. I'm fucking disappointed in you, Vecxzin. Who the fuck are you anyway? Fuckin' Vecxzin. Oh my fucking god. Jesus Christ. Vecxzin, ugh..." - EuCrazed, very eloquently

Who is Vecxzin?

Vecxzin is generally friendly with all players. He tries to help out players who need it. Socializing with the MCO Community is also a must for Vecxzin, no matter how weird the conversation gets. Vecxzin can rarely be seen killing players directly. His favorite things to do on the server is building, and trying out new redstone ideas, with varying success.

His name comes from on late 2015 afternoon where he was changing his Xbox Live gamer-tag. He then thought of the Vex (Robotic Hostile Race From the Destiny Series) and saw them as "cool". So he landed on "Vexon" back then. In 2021, he re-branded himself as "Vecxzin" for a multitude of reasons, one being originality, and the fact that he wanted a cool sounding name exclusive to him on the internet.

His in game appearance is that of a robotic fox, somewhat inspired by from the fictional 2010s horror series, "Five Nights At Freddy's" as well as things he is interested in in real life, that being robotics. At first he wanted to make a YouTube channel avatar, but then got hooked into creating a robotic furry character. As of 2021, he added a more unique defining features. He calls this Electromechanical monstrosity "Vecxzin" and is commonly seen around Freedonia often biting off multiple projects at once.

Vecxzin's YouTube Channel where he does gaming and commentary style videos. Some adventures might take place in the Land of Freedonia: "Vecxzin's Channel"

2010s: "Let's Call this My Prelude" Vecxzin first joined MinecraftOnline as Dr_Vex_Ender in mid 2017 because he was on the hunt for something. His nemesis from High School played on the server, and he wanted to hunt him down. However, after reading the rules, he realized that if he tried with his initial plans, he wouldn't last long. Something kept him from leaving though. He immediately proceeded to run away from spawn and find a place to settle. He built his first house, and lived a pretty reclusive lifestyle as he only played for a total of 9 hours. He then vanished. Leaving his little house, and unfinished mine. He also would login to check up on the server in 2018, and 2019 respectively. Although, he wouldn't really do much other than talk a little in chat with some players.

"Promotion To Moderator"

During the late hours of March 29th 2020, Vecxzin was asked to present himself to techkid6. He was unsure as to why at first, but a thing happened.

 < Vecxzin> uhh test?
 < bawest> oh dang
 < techkid6> That dude right above me who just said test? He's a mod now!
 < Vecxzin> It seems my mission status has been updated...
 < elitestarfox1> glowstone
 < xXOakTheTreeXx> gg
 < techkid6> Congratulations Vecxzin!
 < techkid6> Welcome to the team :)
 < bawest> congratz vecxzin!
 < winx51> :D
 < Vecxzin> :D
 < elitestarfox1> YOOO congratz vecxzin
 < MegaAccount> Congratz Vecxzin

"Promotion To Administrator"

Vecxin's actions in Freedonia got the attention of SlowRiot. Who on, March 14th 2021, came in-game to...

 < Beeraeka> Mr riot do you like my skin?
 < SlowRiot> please congratulate our latest admin additions - BryBer. skybirdthing, Zomon333, and Vecxzin
 < Vecxzin> Oh shiver me cpu cores Riot! (Oh my god, did I really say that? Yes I did.)

Builds/Establishments In Freedonia

VecxTech Laboratories is Vecxzin's Main Residence since he re-joined in early 2020.
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria Along with LordOfTheShadows
VecxTech Robotics is Vecxzin's Facility where he "upgrades" players.
The Voidbox Its unknown for as to why this has to exist.
RGB (Really Gay Building) Vecxzin helped build this with Void42_ and winx51.
Arrvecxiia Founder and main bulider.

Random Information Bytes That You Probably Don't Really Need To Know

-Vecxzin's first video game was "Star Trek: Elite Force" in 2005. He played that game for about 5 years and still plays occasionally. He also grew up watching Star Trek: Voyager, and Next Generation, as well as many other sci-fi shows.

-Started playing Minecraft in 2010 when he was in 3rd grade, but couldn't figure out how to join servers. Therefore while he had the ability to join MCO in 2010, he probably would have built a boxy house and left, actually no he was probably foolish enough to break the rules, so he may have actually end up banned.

-Before joining MCO, Vecxzin was an avid player of the indie game "Total Miner: Forge" and played it from 2011-2015 rigorously. In that community he quite literally built a name for himself, and at the same time got much better at building in sandbox-based games. The building part he would take with him to Minecraft. In December of 2019, Total Miner was announced to be continuing development for a PC port.

-He would go on to create his YT Channel on May 1st 2021, and actively uploads gaming or commentary videos amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic and out of sheer will to entertain himself.

-Vecxzin in the real world enjoys Programming robots/computers, and is currently working towards a hopeful Masters/PhD in A.I Engineering as he has always been fascinated with the concept of human-like robots. He recalls liking Robots since watching the Disney film "Wall-E" in 2008, then other sci-fi games/movies furthered his interest.

-Vecxzin has been playing the trumpet since 2012, and has been in band all throughout Middle and High School. He was the Drum Major of his High School Marching band from (2018-2019) and (2019-2020). Yet he doesn't know that much about Music Theory...