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< Darkerfly>A nice person that deserves more credit

User YourShadowDR


Known as Shadow
Gender male
Location Florida
Occupation I.T.
In Freedonia
First joined 22 June 2018
First building My dirt hut
Staff member Moderator
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Mod magnet, regulars(2020) on the server. Spent most of their playtime working on their base.

First i want to thank Darkerfly for starting this wiki.

About me (IRL):

I am ** years old, i would say i am older than most but younger than Krenath.
I am a IT Tech, Web developer and also run and build dialer systems both foreign and domestic and also other Tech related tasks.
I am a decently sized person at 6 foot tall and around 240 pounds of both muscle and fat.
I have a very large scare on my forehead due to something they call lap surgery for having cancer on my nose. If anyone ever wanted to see the pictures, they are more than welcome, but they are not for people with a week stomach.
I am also a diabetic
I served in the military from 1999 to 2004. During that time, i did ICBM nuclear security at FE Warren AFB, one of the places i worked at is now even a Museum.
I am considered a nice person in game and out of the game, but that dont mean i dont have skeletons in my closet, sorry after the military i even got into some legal trouble, but that is over a decade behind me. So in short, i was very depressed after i got out, and got in trouble for drugs and other stuff. Its funny because that was only about 2 years of my life, and i still have family that judge me because of that.
I also wear mostly black, i am a introvert, i spent 99% of my time at home, other than short trips to the store, and when i have to buy food and stuff. I also work from home, so that makes things even easier. Funny thing is, in game, i stay at my base most of the time, so i am even a introvert ingame.
I own my house outright, kind of a old 3 bedroom house in Florida. I drive a Dodge Durango, dark red, wish it was black (what a shock, right?).
I own a 4 foot long ball python, normal, no morphs, but i love her... (will write me when i can think of more)

About me (ingame)

My journey started back in 2018, i logged into the server for the very first time. I was turned on to the server by a YouTube video, i do not remember the video, but i decided to check it out. I went out in the wild as well, and just looked around and all the nice creations. During that time, i see a mod get onto someone about a torch (if i recall it was a torch, but i could be wrong) and i wanted to show respect for the server, so i was afraid to even break a dirt block. I came back a few times just see the server and what people have done, but i still would not touch anything.

So sometime in early 2020 i came back, and decided to play on the server, learn the rules, learn where i could build, and all of that. On February 16th as most people do, i started my first dirt hut that later became my large fort in the middle of the ice plains.

I try to talk a little in chat, and still try to follow all the rules. But most of the time, i stay at my base, my base has food, crops, and everything that i need, so i really do not have to go anywhere. I try my best to always have respect for players, mods and admins. But i am against people who dont like to follow simple rules.

My first home (same location i am at now)

On February 7th 2021 yourshadowdr was promoted to moderator where he hopes to help newer player conform to the standards of the server and take appropriate actions on the player who are unable or unwilling to do so.