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This wiki page will receive almost no more update from Darkerfly, you can still add comment to it.

User Darkerfly

End gateway/portal being

Known as Darkerfly
Nationality Portal
Occupation Limbo
In Freedonia
First joined 30 December 2019
First building no
Donor level ** Donor II
Kit level ***** Aether
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What the HELL an update?????? haha got you right? Definitely not burning my life on mco anymore instead burnning it on Wynncraft but still sometimes helping Newport in discord.

anyway I am keeping the fuck you mco because it deserves it.

if you really want to know more about me click on View history

if you want to know even more(really???) go to Darkerfly's Adventure on MCO, totally not finish mind you.

Anyway if you are reading this you are weird ;), have a nice day!

Comments on Darkerfly

I really just waiting for people edit this one lol

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< NightSteak9> Miss ya dude :(      (PS- Thanks for all the DB)
< AriVB> thank you for resigning. you made the right choice.
< DarthSagit> Darkerfly literally only want head and it's disgusting
< Hyperrblu> why am I commenting on a wiki page about some person on a Minecraft server during school? 
I really shouldn't even be able to connect to this website in the first place!
< Otis_Wong> I love u
< strayonesobbing> Seems chill
< 1Catnip> This DarkSagit guy seems pretty coo- I've just been informed this is not him
< TheGolum> What an interesting Darkerfly!
< IconPippi> Hi dark ily
< DorpEngineer> give me iron and glass or I will disown you
< TheGriffinLord> pretty chill guy... i had fun portal trapping him tho :)
< 1Catnip> it me again, I wasn't on when you hit 2k so have a late gg!
< 1Catnip> hi its me agen, yknow catnip from high school? haha yeah ive been gettin pretty ripped yknow pretty swole. remember stacy, that girl you used to have a crush on? haha yeah me n her got 2gether and did it haha.
i see why u liked herr;) its a shame i dumped her right after haha. anyways bro its been a while and i think we should hang out lol. hit the gym, run a marathon, hit the protein shake factory aha! On a serious note tho bro
its sad that ur gone and ill do 20 reps in ur honor, i hope to see u in 1.12
< Flamehaze97> Darker is a pretty cool guy, seen him build some good shit.
< Drdrs> pretty cool guy
< Hyperluminous> Darkerfly for admin!
< swissm4n> Darkerfly tried too hard to get my head so I just let him have it. also free Hong Kong pls
< Aziroeth> bruh
< Spektra02> Darkerfly! :D The Fly that gets Darker! He's pretty nice, and cool, and even pretty funny at times! It's nice to see him FINALLY be promo'd to moderator! Anywa, I'm gonna go now, see ya
< Beeraeka> ok and
< Beeraeka> also yes free hong kong
< Erttum> Darkerfly is a nice walking cloud of space C: also so glad too see you as mod! :D
< ServL> Let Darkerfly kill more people!
< Scampi_> Water under the bridge! Bwahahaha
< DarthSagit> when quit
< George_Mann> Dark is gud business partner
< TheGriffinLord> darker is now fellow blue boy and still a chill guy :D
< 1Catnip> hey brah, been a while. wyd? not much i see haha. while uve been doing that ive been making mad gains yo. yesterday i benched 350 so i guess my fitness program is doing well. everyone in my gym eyeing me up badd, they jealous haha. i also bought a new mustang, its got seat warmers and i gotta tell ya, making over 200k a year is gettin kinda booring. like what am i supposed to do with all this money? how much money you make lol? nah nvm i can guess, if you ever need me to spot ya a will bro. nah jk haha!  i see some things never change ;) anyways stacy from high school, the girl you had a crush on i mentioned earlier? yeahhh we broke up sure but now we married ;) i get why you liked herr lol maybe u can have her after the divorce lol! anyways i gotta go make my 4th protein shake, i got 400 pounds to press bro, gotta get swole gains. see ya later loser lol, jk, not really lol. :catbruh:
< RainBd> Adding da flowahs, :D -❁❁❁ cool wiki btw, also is Catnip ok?
< RobotReaction> Robot woz ere. Nice page :D
< Nofleet> hahah nice wiki, love you man no homo- now gimme your diamonds… O_O
< Daltalf> Can't wait for DeepDarkerfly in 1.19 ;D
< _CodyWolf> Gib head back
< IntelStar> Someone shipped me with you on my second day on MCO. That is an epic and tbh I kinda support it /hj
< Darkerfly> I need comments for validation.  
< snakyman> Darker can be chill sometimes but he can also be a cuck but tbh i deserve it, he also built good stuff in Newport so yeah cool
< BlueBlaziken> Cool guy, MCO will miss you! I'll remember High Hill and Project Eros fondly :)
< Marble_1> Darkerfly is cool but he didn't need to f**k MCO
< rhyzofan> thank you for the only comment on my page. it’s still there, in fact… idk why, it’s been more than a year since it’s added iirc.
< HY_Turkic> There has never been a darker fly than you :pray:
< Zappingsbrew> Thank You Darkerfly for giving me a plot to live in.
< Kendon> The Darkerfly is my favorite kind of butterfly! Ɛ|3
< Hyperluminous> I’m active on MCO again. Wish you were still active on the server bro. Maybe someday you will be haha