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< Darkerfly> Sometime I look up to the sky and see nothing but endless void.

User Darkerfly

End gateway/portal being

Known as Darkerfly
Gender #0C0404
Location Mars
Nationality Portal
Occupation Not Dead
In Freedonia
First joined 30 December 2019
First building little wood in the house
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donated
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About Darkerfly Darkerfly has been seen fishing and trading with other server members at spawn, their active timing can be seen from late-night to morning (server time), Darkerfly refers to this time period as peacetime cause of least player being online.

< Darkerfly> while y'all asleep, I study the craft.

Since middle 2020, Darkerfly start to do head hunting to fill their ego, thus the reputation of Darkerfly drops, but yet still able to maintain a good image from being a helpful player.

< Darkerfly> I only kill for heads, not for loots.

When people refer Darkerfly as Dark/Darker, unpleasant facial expressions can be seen. The same expression also can be seen when they being ignored.

< Darkerfly> I don't really care anymore,
but I still hope people can call me Darkerfly

Darkerfly hate calling their builds as "project" since it suggests the build has to be finished which reminds them about real-life assignment. Darkerfly is fine with other people using such term but will avoid using it themselves.

< Darkerfly> Darkerfly just want to enjoy and relax, not stressing themselves.

Even with such proclaim attitude, Drakerfly often puts a high standard on their own build and ends up stressing themselves as they are afraid their build is not good enough. Therefore Darkerfly is generally not motived to build as they end up generating more frustration than joy. They also act aggressively if someone makes bad changes to their build or interrupts their building process


Where the story start

On 30 December 2019, out of boredom Darkerfly got on MCO, the oldest Minecraft server which they had heard from YouTube.

When getting online for the first time, Darkerfly gathering resource at spawn farm while a moderator( Walteratt) immediately wanna ban them because they misclicked a torch.

< Darkerfly> that was pretty terrifying

After this event, Darkerfly continued their journey on MCO. Finally, they settled on the far east.

When Darkerfly was building their noob house ReverseDmitry appeared and gave them a set of diamond tools, such kindness act shocked Darkerfly and is one of the reasons that care them surmount the tough noob player period, even though later those diamond tools are claimed by AlphaAlex115 cause he fucking killed Darkerfly twice. And thus Darkerfly hated AlphaAlex ever after.

< Darkerfly> The world need more nice people.

First badrep Darkerfly got their first bad rep at 13/2/2020 when Lord_Pringlett are selling bread in chat, Darkerfly suggest he sell hay bale due to the fact bread are not the greatest food and people can easily get better food than bread, steak. Out of no reason, Darkerfly got bad rep after they said their view at chat. Assuming Lord_Pringlett giving the first bad rep to Darkerfly

< Darkerfly> all those meanies on this server smh

Donor status

At 22 February, 2020 Darkerfly being given a green star.

(MCS)Darkerfly just donated ₤4.00 for donor status!
< mSup> gg
< Darkerfly> ok
< DarthSagit> lol it must have been baw
< DorpEngineer> T_T_T_T
< Darkerfly> thank you

Passing 1000 hours

Chat log of Darkerfly pasting 1000 hours have lost. By their record can confirm they did past 1000 hours.

Vouching for IconPippi

On 27 April 2020. Darkerfly with 87w, sejdin57 vouch for IconPippi's unban

< jimmyd93>so Darker Sej and 87w are all happy?
< 87w> If she griefs I will give away all our diamonds
< 87w> yup
[DSC]< sejdin57> fuck yeha
[DSC]< Darkerfly> yes.

Return of the Darkerfly

At 19 June 2020, Darkerfly turn back to their true form.

< Darkerfly> is joining with a new username.

Passing 2000 hours

At 7 August 2020, Darkerfly passed 2000 hours playtime.

(MCS) Darkerfly has played for over 2000 hours!
< Darkerfly> finally 

Darkerfly seems to be a bit upset for the lack of gg they got from the play time passing.


On September 19, 2020. After a conflict between server staff, Darkerfly believing Minecraftonline does not suitable for them thus giving out an announcement of them quitting and left the discord and TG server of MCO, and they were not seen on the server anymore.

< Darkerfly> I am not quitting because of this one incident, but all the bs I have seen on the server, it disappoints me.

and yet Darkerfly does not show any sense of giving up their progress on the server, it is unclear will they return or not.

Coming back... or not? Darkerfly have come back from their quitting, but they invest significantly less time on mco. Will they slowly distancing themselves from mco? Only time will know.


Time passed by, Darkerfly already reached 3000 hours mark, losing one of their best friends and even becoming a moderator. Many things happened in this short amount of times, Darkerfly still not sure what the right way to respond to all the sadness and happiness they encountered, but one thing they can sure is they are still breathing under the sunlight and they glad they didn't make the decision they would regret. Bad things and good things still happen. But it sure is something where we can laugh at after years.

From now on, Darkerfly would like to treasure the memories to themselves :). if you want to know more about the stories of Darkerfly you will have to ask them yourself or visit another wiki page where Darkerfly wrote down their stories on mco. The story doesn't end here. It will go on.
< Darkerfly> Living 


Comments on Darkerfly

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< DarthSagit> Darkerfly literally only want head and it's disgusting
< Hyperrblu> why am I commenting on a wiki page about some person on a Minecraft server during school? 
I really shouldn't even be able to connect to this website in the first place!
< Otis_Wong> I love u
< strayonesobbing> Seems chill
< 1Catnip> This DarkSagit guy seems pretty coo- I've just been informed this is not him
< TheGolum> What an interesting Darkerfly!
< IconPippi> Hi dark ily
< DorpEngineer> give me iron and glass or I will disown you
< TheGriffinLord> pretty chill guy... i had fun portal trapping him tho :)
< 1Catnip> it me again, I wasn't on when you hit 2k so have a late gg!
< 1Catnip> hi its me agen, yknow catnip from high school? haha yeah ive been gettin pretty ripped yknow pretty swole. remember stacy, that girl you used to have a crush on? haha yeah me n her got 2gether and did it haha.
i see why u liked herr;) its a shame i dumped her right after haha. anyways bro its been a while and i think we should hang out lol. hit the gym, run a marathon, hit the protein shake factory aha! On a serious note tho bro
its sad that ur gone and ill do 20 reps in ur honor, i hope to see u in 1.12
< Flamehaze97> Darker is a pretty cool guy, seen him build some good shit.
< Drdrs> pretty cool guy
< Hyperluminous> Darkerfly for admin!
< swissm4n> Darkerfly tried too hard to get my head so I just let him have it. also free Hong Kong pls
< Aziroeth> bruh
< Spektra02> Darkerfly! :D The Fly that gets Darker! He's pretty nice, and cool, and even pretty funny at times! It's nice to see him FINALLY be promo'd to moderator! Anywa, I'm gonna go now, see ya
< SenatorApple> one word to define you? "Bruh" hehe, great job on mod by the way =)
< Beeraeka> ok and
< Beeraeka> also yes free hong kong
< Erttum> Darkerfly is a nice walking cloud of space C: also so glad too see you as mod! :D
< ServL> Let Darkerfly kill more people!
< Scampi_> Water under the bridge! Bwahahaha
< DarthSagit> when quit
< George_Mann> Dark is gud business partner
< TheGriffinLord> darker is now fellow blue boy and still a chill guy :D
< 1Catnip> hey brah, been a while. wyd? not much i see haha. while uve been doing that ive been making mad gains yo. yesterday i benched 350 so i guess my fitness program is doing well. everyone in my gym eyeing me up badd, they jealous haha. i also bought a new mustang, its got seat warmers and i gotta tell ya, making over 200k a year is gettin kinda booring. like what am i supposed to do with all this money? how much money you make lol? nah nvm i can guess, if you ever need me to spot ya a will bro. nah jk haha!  i see some things never change ;) anyways stacy from high school, the girl you had a crush on i mentioned earlier? yeahhh we broke up sure but now we married ;) i get why you liked herr lol maybe u can have her after the divorce lol! anyways i gotta go make my 4th protein shake, i got 400 pounds to press bro, gotta get swole gains. see ya later loser lol, jk, not really lol. :catbruh:
< RainBd> Adding da flowahs, :D -❁❁❁ cool wiki btw, also is Catnip ok?
< RobotReaction> Robot woz ere. Nice page :D
< Nofleet> hahah nice wiki, love you man no homo- now gimme your diamonds… O_O
< Daltalf> Can't wait for DeepDarkerfly in 1.19 ;D
< _CodyWolf> Gib head back


Personal Words

< Darkerfly> Why do you need a likes dilikes list on wiki when you can know me ingame?...

Real Life

< Darkerfly> none of your business.