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User zfleming1

The Metal one

Known as Zach, Z, Zoey
Gender Genderqueer, Transgendered, Male to Female
Location Maryland, USA
Nationality American
DOB 1989-06-10
Occupation College Student
In Freedonia
First joined Thursday May 12, 2011
First building Fleming Manor
Staff member Admin
Kit level ***** Nether
Legacy donor level ***** Nether
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"Lets Get to Work" Fleming


The server's one and only major metal head and genderqueer, Z is known to be crazy and dedicated and wouldn't care if you called Z out on it. Z has worked hard on MCO as a means to do anything and everything to help out while constantly trying to improve Z self. Z takes pride in designing several Resident Evil themed attractions Including a mansion ( Fleming Manor ), several underground labs and is currently working on a massive super project called Delta City.Z puts the server before Z self always and is lurking in irc when not in game.

Now a college grad, Z works part time and looks forward to living by oneself, starting a life. Z now assists in leading the newer mods, taking on a advisory role to them as well as to others, even the admins and regulars. Z takes pride in knowing at the end of the day, someone walked away with a smile on their face because of Z's good.

Funny Facts

  • Is a major Metal head
  • Loves to Drink with Riot and shares a very close brotherly bond with him. Both Z and riot follow the code of Regrets:Zero
  • Knows that Krenath Knows that Zfleming1 Knows
  • Is always nyan with Runechan
  • Loves to tease Stan
  • Thinks Badsyntax is the greatest
  • Thinks Chivalrous Weasel is the most bad-ass admin ever
  • Thinks Kia is the cutest moderator ever!!!
  • Is always Jelling with FlyingJellyfish!
  • Thinks Andreydio is a big party man and loves to party with him
  • Loves to chat with Fmxstick
  • Thinks Liastrae is Sexy
  • Is always getting gored by Lacrosse's Chainsaw and Chickens
  • loves the server very much
  • Loves to learn scripting, coding, programing and more
  • is a major advocate for the LGBT community of the MCO server
  • Loves to DJ on the MCO radio and plays a great deal of Video Game Remixes and Heavy Metal as well as a bit of industrial music, he's known to be crazy on the air always trying to get the audience involved.

Other information

  • Wear's pink tinted glasses sometimes, and sometimes other interesting things....
  • Though he is a good person, he does not enjoy the peace and quiet of the server being disrupted.
  • Is Gay and Genderqueer
  • Does not mind being called Zach, likes to be called Z, or Zoey.


  • Thieves
  • Traitors
  • High-school Drama
  • Drama-Instigators
  • Drama
  • College Drama
  • Drama V2
  • Racists
  • Religous nuts
  • Homophobes who attack others sexuality
  • Vodka

Fleming's Code of Ethics

Recently Zach has made a code for Z'self to follow

  1. To always be mature and level-headed
  2. To always look at a problem in a neutral manner.
  3. To display appropriate behavior for everyone
  4. To ask questions first, then decide if a ban is required.
  5. To always put others before himself.
  6. To do everything and anything for the good of the server.
  7. To always ALWAYS take the moral high ground.
  8. To never let power get to his head and abuse it.
  9. To always follow orders of higher-ups
  10. To remember to give time for himself and not take the server so seriously as a moderator.
  11. To have fun.
  12. TO NEVER EVER throw a tantrum publicly and give the staff team a bad name.
  13. To never do anything evil or scheming like.
  14. To never betray anyone's trust.
  15. To stay out of all Drama as it is not worth anyone's time.
  16. To always offer you good advice and help you out when you need a friend or someone just to talk to.
  17. To take breaks and give time for himself
  18. To never allow trolls, and others to attempt and draw him to their level
  19. To never abuse mod powers to make a statement
  20. To stop trying so hard to make a point and relax
  21. To stop drinking when playing MCO
  22. To never ever betray the trust of Slowriot

As time will go by, Z will update these rules, to make sure Z doesn't make those same mistakes ever. Every time a new issue becomes apparent it is added to this list as a reminder to Z. It has helped a great deal.

If fleming was a girl

2011-11-25 14.24.30.png
Wait wat!?

The beauty is that Z is part girl and part man <3