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An admin has few needs
An example of admins testing a new game feature (a part of Craftbook).

"Why is everyone an admin now?" hellboy95cm

Admins An admin (short for administrator) is a special class of user with unique powers and responsibilities within the server.

Admin is the highest rank of the MinecraftOnline organisational hierarchy.


Admins' names appear in red in the game chat.

Admins hold OP status on IRC, and can also reconfigure channel permissions and settings for other OPs.

Admins hold channel admin status on Discord, giving them power to create and delete channels, see discord logs, etc.

They are also often easy to spot as they are rarely seen wearing armour, as they generally keep invulnerability enabled in social situations.


Admins never spawn creatures, not ever


 <Shypixel> Hey Bubba. You know what Riot means when he says "abuse of power"?
 <Bubba_Basti> What?
 <Shypixel> This.
 Bubba_Basti died...
 Bubba_Basti hit the ground too hard.
 <Bubba_Basti> AW F***!

As well as having access to every command that exists on the server, admins also have shell login access to the server itself, and can use this to search the logs, make configuration changes, perform backup restores, force-restart the server, and perform other low-level maintenance and modification tasks. For this reason, a degree of capability with linux on the commandline is a prerequisite of adminhood. Incorrect or careless use of admin powers has in the past led to a number of little accidents.


An admin serving as a walking cobblestone factory

In addition to moderator-accessible grief alert tools, Admins can make use of the following plugin-based tools:

Server access

Admins can log in to the server shell directly via ssh.


Admins take their work seriously...
Including managing behind the scenes

Their primary role is to investigate reports of grief, repair griefed public buildings, and to support the moderators in their daily work of preventing grief and assisting players.

This support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Being available on IRC, Discord, as well as in game frequently;
  • Investigating reports of grief using their direct server access to investigate server logs;
  • Offering advice and assisting in difficult moderator decisions;
  • Addressing ban appeals on IRC, Discord, or Telegram;
  • Repairing grief damage and little accidents;
  • Discovering and eliminating server bugs;
  • Maintaining discipline and ensuring satisfactory performance and behaviour among the moderators, and dealing with any complaints.

In addition to this, admins constantly work, both individually and together, to improve the server in a multitude of ways - from assisting in the planning of new megaprojects to coding new modifications and server features.

Although admins powers operate under no limits, admins are fulfilling their role within a pure survival server; therefore they will not spawn items, hand out freebies, or abuse their repair powers to construct buildings for their own benefit or on behalf of other players.


A graph showing the probability of being promoted to admin, against number of hours played. On the same graph are stacked probabilities of being promoted to moderator or of being banned, for comparison. See an interactive version of this chart.
New admins being trained on the job

"To become an admin, you must kill one of the incumbents... sort of like Highlander" chivalrousWeasel

There are only a handful of admins on the server, all of whom have been promoted from moderator after extended periods of experience with the server. For details of moderator and admin promotion dates, see the server timeline.

Admin Portrait

A portrait of all the admins ever on the MinecraftOnline sign from spawn.


Admin Flowchart

A humorous guide to the (at the time) most active admins [and a couple others too].

Admin Flow Chart.png