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green_attractions.png Delta City
2011-08-28 21.09.50.png

City of the Future

Owner zfleming1
Contributors chivalrousWeasel fmxstick robbybnonelikeme Krenath xanderstrike Liastrae crossfireprod Drathus42 Anna_28 Moxieskip LordOfTheShadows
Category Attractions
Public? Yes
Started June 15 2011
Coordinates X=4243
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Established in 1950, Delta City is one of the more active cities in Freedonia. Wholly owned and operated by the Umbrella Corporation, Delta City has been home to many players and was founded by zfleming1 and his company. The city would grow and prosper until, a horrific freak accident from the nuclear power plant caused the leak of radiation and the city was shut down.

Delta City Radio

Once in every while the server will say that the Zombies might be coming from Delta City. Must be the radiation.

Dungeon Rewards

Name Description Availability / Drop Rate Base Item Info
Shrapnel Pieces of metal you found lodged in a zombie's body
Why are you collecting these???
Dropped from Knight Zombies 5% + 1% per level of Looting Iron Nugget
Giant's Flesh A rotting chunk of giant flesh
Why even keep this? it reeks
Dropped from Giant Zombies 1.5% + 0.1% per level of Looting Nether Wart Block
Slice of Pumpking pie Surprisingly safe to eat!
Probably unethical to eat
Dropped from Pumkings during the Halloween event 30% + 10% per level of Looting Pumpkin Pie
Laser eye Doesn't work anymore sadly
You feel like it's staring at you
Dropped from Doctor Dead 5% + 1% per level of Looting Eye of Ender
Damaged throwing stars Weapons once used by only the stealthiest
They're so damaged throwing them just makes them shatter
Dropped from Ninja Zombies 5% + 1% per level of Looting Snowball
Bone chew toy The toy of trusted friend
Kinda messed up how you got this
Dropped from Zombie Dogs 0.5% + 0.1% per level of Looting Bone
Sacred texts Old writings lost to the sways of time
Its delicate pages refuse to part, best not to force them
Dropped from Necropriests 0.5% + 0.1% per level of Looting Enchanted Book
Baton Unbreaking I
A glorified club really
Not to be confused with a bâton
Dropped from Officer Zombie 0.5% + 0.1% per level of Looting Wooden Sword
Crumbling Shinobigatana Curse of Vanishing
Lacking in historical evidence of its usage, it is very recognized by the masses
This thing is so worn it even makes Scrap Metal look useful!
Dropped from Ninja Zombies 0.5% + 0.1% per level of Looting Wooden Sword
Giant's sword Thorns I
Curse of Vanishing
A sword wielded by giants
It seems time has taken its toll on this sword
Dropped from Giant Zombies 0.5% + 0.1% per level of Looting Iron Sword
Spooky Pumpkin Safe to place! Dropped from Pumpkings 100% Furnace Unlike other Spooky Pumpkins, this item retains its name even when placed
Pumpkin Pail Halloween 2022 Dropped from Zompkins during the Halloween event 8.5% + 1% per level of Looting Bowl No longer obtainable as of November 2022.
Zombee Dropped from Zombees 0.5% + 0.1% per level of Looting Player Head Also available from the Bee Dungeon
Delta umbrella Good for brand recognition, and keeping rain off your head
Sadly does not slow your falling
Dropped from regular Zombies 0.05% + 0.01% per level of Looting Stick


Nearest Nexus Hub

Nexus Hub - North-East (Red) 3

From this Nexus Hub, Delta City is due northeast, 1000 blocks away.

YouTube Featuring ScarClaw72 featured this in his third episode of exploring Freedonia, as part of it's first season.