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WorldEdit is a system for in-game modification of terrain and structures in an automated manner. It is a powerful admin tool. In skilled hands, it can be used for rapid repair. In unskilled hands, it can be used for rapid demolition.

Worldedit has its own comprehensive wiki documentation. Therefore the purpose of this page is only to document those features that are especially relevant to MinecraftOnline admins, and may not be otherwise obvious.

Damage limitation

Block limits

By default, WorldEdit is configured to stop after 1000 modified blocks - this is to prevent any large-scale accidents.

The user is encouraged to change this limit to fit the job they are undertaking at the time, for example:

  • //limit 20 - for copying and pasting a streetlight;
  • //limit 500 - for demolishing a small house;
  • //limit 5000 - for draining a large lake;
  • //limit -1 - for destroying the universe (seriously, don't be lazy - set an appropriate limit instead)

Radius limits

There is no radius limit command, so unfortunately nothing can guard you against making a typo with a command radius. Please ensure you don't. Generally there is no situation where any worldedit command should be executed with a radius of over 100 - in fact most results can be achieved much more safely and with less lag for the clients by a series of much smaller commands.


The //undo command is not to be relied upon. Use this in emergencies only - but don't get into the habit of breaking things and fixing them with undo. It will often break signs, ruin redstone circuitry, break torches, and do terrible things to Craftbook and LionsMod sign-driven systems.

Also, do not confuse Worldedit's //undo with Cuboid's /undo! Both can be used for each of the plugins independently, and the two can be used together for some excellent effects. However, you stand a chance of accidentally undoing a previous repair from halfway round the world, and Cuboid cannot always manage /redo.

Non-obvious things to note

One important thing to realise is that we are NOT running the latest version of worldedit - since it's bukkit only (ugh!). So not all of the documentation is in fact accurate, and some of the listed commands don't yet exist in our version. Having said that, the following are a few less well documented bits of worldedit that DO work on our version, that you, dear reader, may not know about:

  • //set sign:4|Line1|Line2_Text|Line3 - create signs with prewritten text, and a specified orientation. Great for police cordons.
  • //set crops:7 - damage (data) values!
  • //replace dirt,cobble,glass 0 - lists!
  • //set 5%stone,95%dirt - percentages! Set contents to a random distribution. You don't have to use two, you can use three or more. And they don't have to add up to 100%... not entirely sure how it handles it if you don't, though.
  • You can also do all the above with //replace, //fill and //fillr. Careful with the latter two, though!
  • //replace can replace more than one block type at once, to save a lot of typing - i.e. //replace glass,wool stone
  • //overlay <blocktype> - places one layer of blocktype on top of the highest block in the selection. May not always work. This unfortunately doesn't work with percentages above. The trick - overlay first, then replace the overlay block type selectively!

Not to use

  • //smooth without selecting a cuboid first - and even then, just don't.
  • //butcher without specifying a radius.
  • //removebelow (why would you even want to?)
  • //snow, //thaw - it's just not survival!

Selection commands

  • //pos1, //pos2 - set start and end positions at your feet.
  • //hpos1, //hpos2 - set start and end positions at the block you're looking at.
  • //chunk - set the selection to your current chunk's boundaries.
  • //expand amount direction - expand your selection amount blocks in a given compass direction, i.e. "north", "up", "down", "e" etc.
  • //contract amount direction - contract your selection amount blocks in a given compass direction (pulls in the side opposite the direction you specify, in that direction)
  • //shift amount direction - shift the entire area of your selection amount blocks in a given compass direction.
  • //sel cuboid|poly - switch selection between normal cuboid selection mode and polygonal mode, where you click once to start a polygon and subsequent right-clicks add vertices (in the horizontal plane).

There is also a helper script that allows selection by coordinates, which worldedit does not permit normally. You must have an area already selected for it to work:

  • /weselect x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 - Select the specified area in worldedit.

Info tools

  • //size - reports initial and end positions, size, distance to selection, number of blocks.
  • //count block - returns a count of a given block type in the area.
  • /searchitem [-b|-i]] name - search for block and item names to use with WorldEdit. Optionally search for just -blocks or just -items.
  • //offset - get the offset distance in x,y and z from pos1 to pos2.
  • //distr - brings up a list of all blocks in your selection showing block ID's/Total of specific block ID and total block count in the selection.

Modifying existing stuff

  • //move amount direction - move the contents of your selection amount blocks in a given compass direction.
  • //stack number direction - duplicate the contents of the selection number times in the given direction.
  • //set block - fill the entire selection with block.
  • //replace block1[,block2][:damagevalue] [percent%]block3[,percent%block4:damagevalue] - The most powerful and useful WorldEdit command. Replaces block1, and optionally block2 etc with block3, and optionally block4 etc in the optional percentages specified, optionally with specified damage values. Not specifying block1 will lead to every block (not including air) being replaced with the target blocks - this is not the same as //set, and can often be useful.
  • //overlay block - cover every upper-most solid block in the selection with block.
  • //faces block - build a hollow cube out of block.
  • //walls block - like faces, but without a roof or floor
  • //smooth - attempts to average the heightmap within the selection. Dangerous, can cause unpredictable results.
  • //regen - attempts to regenerate the selected region using minecraft's level generator. Dangerous, not confirmed to work reliably.
  • //copy - copies the selection to your clipboard, relative to where you're standing - also need to do this before a /save.
  • //rotate degrees - rotates the clipboard contents by degrees clockwise.
  • //paste - pastes the clipboard, relative to where you're standing.
    • //paste -a - Excludes air blocks from the copy when pasting. Air won't overwrite existing blocks. Blocks will however overwrite other blocks.
    • //paste -i - Pastes into air blocks only. Existing blocks in the target area are not overwritten.

Spheres and Cylinders

  • /toggleplace - switches between placing cylinder and sphere centres at the block at your feet, or position 1 of the selection (at feet by default).


  • //sphere <block> <radius> [raised?] - Places a solid sphere. "yes" to raised places the bottom above your head, empty or "no" places you at the center
  • //hsphere <block> <radius> [raised?] - Places a hollow sphere.


  • //cyl <block> <radius> <height> - Places a solid cylinder. Negative height values are allowed to build "down."
  • //hcyl <block> <radius> <height> - Places a hollow cylinder.



  • // Turns SuperPick mode on/off
  • /sp single Clears the target block with one hit
  • /sp area <radius> Clears all blocks of the type hit in a diameter of 2 * radius + 1 (Radius 1 == 3x3x3, etc.)
  • /sp recur <radius> Clears all blocks of the type hit which are connected in a diameter of 2 * radius + 1
  • /sp shaped <fwd> <back> <left> <right> <up> <down> Clears all blocks of the type hit in a user-defined shape. Shape stays relative to the player's facing direction. Values are 0-9 and expand the selection beyond the hit block for those directions. NEW
  • /sp blast <fwd> <back> <left> <right> <up> <down> Clears /all/ blocks except bedrock in the user-defined shape. NEW


  • /tool tree Binds to tool selected in hotbar, plants a tree when used (non functional in latest Crow builds, returns that tree cannot go there)
  • /tool tree birch Plants a birch tree when used (non functional in latest Crow builds)
  • /tool tree pine Plants a pine tree when used (non functional in latest Crow builds)
  • /tool tree bigtree Plants a big tree when used


  • /tool cycler Cycles the damage value for the block hit

Replace Brush

  • /tool replace <block:damage value> Replaces the block hit with the specified block

Clearing a tool

  • /none unsets the currently bound tool


  • Left-click select with the axe does not work when trying to select bedrock. It works for all other materials, and right-click select does work for bedrock.