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Cuboid, formerly known as CuboidPlugin is a hMod plugin by Relliktsohg. It is an area protection plugin that dates back to the first version of hMod and was in use until March 2013 under Canary, when it was finally phased out entirely.

On MinecraftOnline, use of Cuboid was limited to admins.

Its functionality falls into two groups - world modification, and area protection. What combines these functions in common is that they are defined primarily as cuboid areas, selected at each corner with a right-click of the wooden spade.

Materials can be specified as either item IDs or as standard item names.


  • Wooden spade, two right-clicks - one to define the starting corner, one to define the second corner.
  • Wooden sword, right-click - shows information about whether a given block is in a cuboid area.

World modification

Cuboid modification

  • /cfill <material> - fills the entire selected area with the material, destroying anything else that may occupy it. Best avoided in favour of the much safer /creplace 0 <material>. Equivalent functionality to WorldEdit's //set.
  • /cdel - the same as /cfill 0, simply clears all contents. Best avoided in favour of the much safer /creplace <material> 0.
  • /creplace <material to replace> <material to replace with> - replace all blocks within the cuboid area of a specified type with others. Selective delete by replacing blocks with 0. Selective fill by replacing 0 with blocks.
  • /cfaces <material> - Similar to /cfill, but leaves a hollow box.
  • /cwalls <material> - Similar to /cfaces, but leaves a hollow box with floor and roof open. Equivalent functionality to WorldEdit's //walls.
  • [what's the command for cwalls with a roof and floor?]

Spot construction

These commands require only the first point to be set. They will not work if both first and second points are set. The first point must be set at the centre of the intended circle or sphere.

  • /cdisc <radius> <material> (<height>) - filled disc, by default one block high. If height is specified, it will build a solid cylinder up from this point.
  • /ccircle <radius> <material> (<height>) - hollow circle, by default one block high. If height is specified, it will build a hollow cylinder up from this point.
  • /cball <radius> <material> - filled sphere (ball), centered on the first selection point.
  • /csphere <radius> <material> - hollow sphere version of the above.
  • /cpyramid <radius> <material> - builds instant pyramids.


  • /ccopy - copies the content of the selected cuboid to the clipboard. Unlike WorldEdit, does not take into account where you are standing.
  • /cpaste - pastes the current clipboard's content at the selected first point. The cuboid will be positioned with its north-west lower corner on the first point. Unlike WorldEdit, does not take into account where you are standing.
  • /save <name> - saves the cuboid to disk under your name.
  • /load <name> - loads a specified cuboid at the selected first point - operation is the same as /cpaste.
  • /cuboids - lists saved cuboids available to load.
  • /cmove <direction> <distance> - Direction is north, south, east, west, up or down. Distance is number of blocks to shift. The selection area moves with the cuboid, so multiple subsequent moves are possible.


  • /undo - works for one level of modification only. Not to be confused with WorldEdit's //undo.
  • /redo - will attempt to repeat the last undone command.

Tips and tricks

  • Heights for /cdisc and /ccircle can be negative, to build downwards instead of upwards.
  • Material for any operation can be set to 0, to delete. For instance, a 5-wide, 10-deep pit can be built by right-clicking on the ground once, then typing /cdisc 5 0 -10.
  • It's possible to make a one-block tower by performing /cdisc 1 <material> <height> followed by /ccircle 1 0 <height> - this creates a 3x3 solid tower, then peels away the outside layer.
  • Random distribution is possible by using certain natural growth and decay mechanisms. For instance, the walls of a cobble building can be made mossy thus: First replace the cobble with grass using /creplace cobble grass. Then wait around ten seconds for some of the grass which is shaded to decay into dirt, and perform /creplace grass cobble to bring it back to cobble, leaving random patches of dirt scattered throughout the cobble. Then simply /creplace dirt mossy to finish the job. The result of this technique can be seen in the walls of the museum in Dial Republic. Note, this technique has mostly been superceded by the percentage replace function in WorldEdit.
  • Checkerboard patterns can be made by filling an enclosed area with water, then performing /creplace 9 <material>. The first replace operation will only replace every alternating block in a checkerboard pattern. The second replace operation will then replace the remainder. This is one function that the current hMod version of WorldEdit cannot duplicate.

Area protection

  • /cmod provides an instructional command listing.
  • /cmod list - lists existing cuboid areas.
  • /cmod <areaname> create - creates a new protected zone named areaname.
  • /cmod <areaname> delete - deletes protected zone data for areaname (the area itself is left intact).
  • /cmod <areaname> info - lists current settings for areaname.
  • /cmod <areaname> move - moves the protected zone for areaname without having to remove and recreate it.
  • /cmod <areaname> toggle <option> - toggle a specified setting for area areaname. options are:
    • protection - prevents editing by anyone not on the allowed list;
    • restriction - prevents entry by anyone not on the allowed list;
    • pvp - prevents any damage on players by other players;
    • sanctuary - prevents mobs spawning, or doing any damage to players;
    • creeper - toggles creeper effects;
    • inventory - local inventory toggle, does not currently work
  • /cmod <areaname> allow <names/commands> - allow editing by names on the allowed lists, specified groups with g:groupname, changes the owner with o:name, and allows any commands starting with /.
  • /cmod <areaname> disallow <names/commands> - specifically disallow editing or entry by names on the list, groups specified with g:groupname, and disallows use of any commands specified starting with / (see maze#Protection for an example in use).
  • /cmod <areaname> backup - saves a duplicate of the cuboid's contents to disk, same as /save.
  • /cmod <areaname> restore - reloads the cuboid's contents from disk, same as /load.
  • /cmod <areaname> welcome <message> - message to be displayed upon entering the cuboid area.
  • /cmod <areaname> farewell <message> - message to be displayed upon leaving the cuboid area.
  • /cmod <areaname> warning <message> - message to be displayed upon being denied access to the cuboid area.


  • There is no limit to blocks altered in a single operation, so it is potentially a very dangerous tool (see the Little Accident). It is vital to make sure you only perform operations when you've seen both "First point selected" and "Second point selected" messages!
  • Do not confuse radius with diameter! Make sure you understand clearlly what a specified radius actually means before you try to use any of the circle commands. The same caveat applies to VoxelSniper.
  • The /undo command will often fail to restore torches, signs, paintings, ladders, rails and chests. Do not rely on it!
  • Like WorldEdit, Cuboid can only modify chunks that are presently loaded. Therefore very long pastes (for roads etc) will fail outside sight range. Similarly, replace operations will not work if the area is outside sight range of any player.
  • Cuboid predates some materials, such as sandstone, and cannot place those. It also cannot keep track of or modify damage values, so orientation of steps, types of halfblock, colours of logs etc will not be preserved when copying and pasting, nor can they be specified when creating structures out of those materials.
  • Damage values in blocks are lost when saving and loading; stairs will lose their orientation, and other things are liable to be lost. It is preferred to use WorldEdit for copying and pasting, and saving and loading.
  • There is a performance penalty for every new protected cuboid area created, as every action by every player must always be checked against every existing cuboid. For this reason, cuboid protected areas are kept to a minimum.


Cuboid's functionality has been replaced by LionsArea.