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green_towns.png 5k
5k Aerial.png

Aerial shot of 5k (6-4-23)

Founder getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix
Category Towns
Underground? Partially
Fortified? Partially
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south ~150m
Size west to east ~120m
Road link? No
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-5000
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

What is 5k?

5k is a newly founded city (founded by getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix on July 16th, 2022) which incorporates more older and simpler designs and blocks into its buildings, though it is breathtaking none the less. Built around a 5k-marker, this city has many sights to behold, including a cafe, courthouse, town square, a classic mob grinder (which doubles as a lookout spot), a beach, an underground Subwaterway System (for fast travel by boat), and cozy houses for those who wish to live there.

History of Early 5k:

When getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix spawned into MCO and saw all the towns and builds around him, he instantly made it his goal to create one of his own. After wandering around spawn and admiring all the builds there, he entered the nether to travel to a spot to build (instead of using the wilderness command) and came out of a nether portal around the coordinates -5100, -1000. Coming straight from the server 2B2T, he still had a sense of the importance of the axes in a Minecraft world, and decided that he not only wanted to build on an axis, but at an important increment as well.

After traveling towards the west axis, he continued along it, using MCO's map to find a place along the western axis that was untouched by any other. By doing this, he decided to make his way to -5k on the axis.

Once he arrived, he immediately started building the center point of his new city; the town square, a large circle-like building that is mostly open to the sky. Using the materials he had, he decided to make this building out of oak wood, cobblestone, and stone bricks (which later became the theme for the whole city). After finishing the construction, he began building his house, a road system, a cafe, and many other projects. He continues to expand 5k to this day.

Fun Facts:

  • 5k has a Subwaterway System which provides fast travel by boat. This system stretches under all of 5k's roads, and is accessed through staircase entrances scattered throughout the city
  • 5k's name was inspired by 2B2T's own 2k2k, which coincidentally also has negative coordinates
  • 5k was initially created as a town/base the group getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix previously founded in 2B2T called PVPer's Elite could meet at outside 2B2T, but the city has since expanded outside of this small role

Current Members:

5k Timeline:

  • July 16th 2022: getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix starts "5k Town Square" project
  • July 22nd 2022: getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix finishes "5k Town Square", "1 East 5k Dr House", and "Vintage Village Blacksmith" projects
  • July 24th 2022: getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix starts "Sunset Cafe" project
  • July 25th 2022: getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix finishes "Sunset Cafe" project
  • July 27th 2022: getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix starts "5k Courthouse"
  • July 31st 2022: getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix finishes "5k Courthouse", Starts "2 East 5k Dr House" project
  • August 1st 2022: getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix finishes "2 East 5k Dr House" project
  • August 7th 2022: getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix starts "Grinder's Glimpse" project
  • August 8th 2022: getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix finishes "Grinder's Glimpse" project
  • August 9th 2022: getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix starts "3 East 5k Dr House" project
  • August 10th 2022: getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix starts "Subwaterway Hub" project, finishes "3 East 5k Dr House" and "4 East 5k Dr House" projects
  • August 15th 2022: getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix finishes "Subwaterway Hub" project, starts "Shipwreck Fishing Farm" project
  • August 16th 2022: getplayerhead.sh?AJzzix&16.png AJzzix finishes "Shipwreck Fishing Farm" project, starts "5k Visitor Centre" project

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