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This page is about the Freedonia world map which can be seen online.
• For information regarding the world of Freedonia, see Freedonia.
• For arts which can be made by combining in-game maps, see Map Art of MCO.
Map showing Amp City on 1 March 2023.
Borders and nexus direction sectors overlain on the map as of June 2022.

MinecraftOnline features a "live", scrollable and zoomable autogenerated map of Freedonia using the Leaflet API.

The base software is Brownan's MinecraftOverviewer, the direct-to-tiles c-render branch based on Agrif's code, with some server-specific modifications and helper scripts by SlowRiot, the map markers script later rewritten by Microcosms.

The map is archived every six months here: This is useful for seeing how Freedonia have changed over the years.


  • Textured from the official texture pack, zoomable to "actual size" where the full details of individual blocks can be discerned.
  • Toggleable markers overlaid on the map:
    • Locations of settlements, buildings and other areas. Includes data from this wiki and links.
    • Public warps and nexus hubs shown as orange markers.
    • Nexus destinations with orange borders around the marker.
    • FRS stations.
  • Toggleable geometry overlays:
    • FRS railway lines.
    • Boat Routes read off this wiki via Template:BoatRouteData.
    • Nexus direction sectors.
    • Extent of previous overworld borders, with tooltips for the version they were defined in.
  • Leaves and grass shaded according to biomes.
  • Accurate shadows and lighting.
  • Switchable between day and night mode.

Check it out now at


Players often ask what the frequency of the updates to the "live" map is. There is no exact reliable schedule. According to chat rumours, the update frequency is about twice per day around the world backup.


  • We have chosen not to use the MapMarkers plugin which would show player locations in real-time - although it would be possible on this map, it was felt that it would pose an excessive risk to player privacy.
    • It is unknown if it was for a similar reason, but player home locations and signs were removed later on.
  • The map is composed of 124,614 PNG tiles on 11 levels, at the time of writing.
  • The map display data occupies 43GB at the time of writing.
  • If the map were to be printed at maximum zoom, at screen resolution (72dpi), its horizontal width would be approximately 138 metres (453ft) - the equivalent of 317 widescreen 19" monitors side by side!
  • The biome display actually requires the server to run a modified Minecraft client just to extract the Minecraft data from the map, as this information is procedurally generated in the client and not actually stored anywhere in the map data itself.
  • The centre of the live map is at x=0 y=64 z=0, but what you see is actually behind the location.


  • Map showing the age of certain parts of Overviewer. The lighter the colour, the newer the region. Updated July 2022.