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Screenshot of the map at a broad zoom, showing player homes with face markers, April 2011.
Night mode on a closer zoom near Spawn, showing the density of manmade lit structures, and player homes in the area, April 2011.
Map displaying signs in and around DrumCity, with warps shown as green markers.

MinecraftOnline features a "live", scrollable and zoomable autogenerated map of Freedonia using the Leaflet API.

The base software is Brownan's MinecraftOverviewer, the direct-to-tiles c-render branch based on Agrif's code, with some server-specific modifications and helper scripts by SlowRiot.


  • Textured from the official texture pack, zoomable to "actual size" where the full details of individual blocks can be discerned
  • Toggleable markers overlaid on the map:
    • Locations of settlements, buildings and other areas. Includes data from this wiki and links.
    • Public warps and nexus hubs shown as orange markers.
    • Nexus destinations have an orange border around the marker.
  • Leaves and grass are shaded according to biomes
  • Accurate shadows and lighting
  • Switchable between day and night mode



Players often ask what the frequency of the updates to the "live" map are. There is not an exact reliable schedule. According to chat-rumors in late 2021, the update frequency used to be about twice per day. As of January 2022, the map update has a problem and must be manually restarted until this is fixed