AmpCity Zoo

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green_museums.png Ampcity Zoo
Ampcity zoo back.png

Overhead view of the Zoo

Owner ampqre
Category Museums
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=-4463
Dimension Overworld
Settlement AmpCity
Map link

AmpCity Zoo is a must see attraction for those visiting the northern areas of Freedonia. Not only does it contain examples of every species known to man, it also offers a unique look at them in their natural habitats, undisturbed by miners with their swords or axes. This unique view on the creatures can give you an entirely new perspective on the animals you may have once known as raging beasts. The monstrous Zombie for example, is actually quite docile and humble when undisturbed. The creatures are transported into the facility via mob spawner which means that if there ever were to be an incident in which a madman kills some of the creatures, they'd be replaced instantly. If you're ever in AmpCity, this is the number one destination. Be there or be severely disappointed. Where else will you find such a fantastic array of creatures? Nowhere, that's where.

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