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Museums are public-access buildings and structures that contain exhibitions of 'stuff' for players to peruse. What separates them from other attractions is that they contain a number of noteworthy exhibits, as opposed to a single item of interest. Unlike IRL, MCO Museums may vary in educational quality, with some museums being more akin to art galleries, while others remain more historical or instructional. Types of museums include:

  • Libraries
  • Redstone and Craftbook exhibitions
  • Map art galleries
  • Statue parks
  • Mob zoos
  • Labelled cemeteries or graveyards
  • Head collections
  • Glitched and/or promotional item displays
  • Stories or town histories written down across multiple signs

Museums in all their forms offer a snapshot into MCO culture and life before and during their creation. Being both attractive targets for Grief and usually requiring a substantial time/resource investment to create, surviving and maintained examples are a rare treat for players to discover. In modern times however, better grief repair technology and Admin availability makes keeping museums functional much easier. Many undocumented museums exist, and players are encouraged to add them to this list.