Angard Station

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green_infrastructure.png Angard Station

The lower platform in the station

Owner Anna_28
Category Infrastructure
Underground? Yes
Public? Yes
Started 20th November 2019
Completed 28th November 2019
Size north to south 32m
Size west to east 32m
Height 14m
Coordinates X=-4504
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Phoenix Isles
Map Link

Angard Station is an underground subway station in Phoenix Isles. It is located under the south-west corner of Angard Mall but also connects to the Hospital and Town Hall nearby. This station connects two different metro lines: the Marqange line (West/East) and the Oriental (North/South) line.

Like the Eclipse Station before it, this subway station uses redstone and craftbook to control the minecarts which act like subway trains. Unlike most stations in Freedonia and the Freedonia Railway System which dispense a minecart after pushing a button or require manual cart placement, these subway stations have trains of several minecarts that arrive and depart. There are also noteblock tunes for the arrival and departure of trains.

The station is also based off metro stations in Montreal, some of the exit signs even have exit written in French ("sortie").