Phoenix Isles

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nexus_cities.png Phoenix Isles

A render of Phoenix Isles city.

Founder AyeMB
Contributors Anna_28, slimtimmy13, Slime_tiger, Jibletz, WaffleNomster, lobata, jennythegreat, Skytrill, jimmyd93, Excalibur_NUMNUM, Markrafter9, Bowbyslag, Chewy27_, treepuncher755
Category Cities
Underground? Partly
Fortified? No
Public access? No
Public build? No
Size north to south 1586m
Size west to east 2144m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-4279
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Started in August 2016, Phoenix Isles are a huge set of artificial islands under construction. The islands themselves reach from X=-5969,Z=-12556 to X=-3826,Z=-10971. Phoenix City is on the main island with a dazzling skyline.

Phoenix Isles map view (2017)
The ice road to Phoenix Isles built by AyeMB and mk59apr on 2017/12/3. Decommissioned on 2019/12/10. Until the Railway and Nexus connections, this was the main way to get to Phoenix Isles, from the nearest nexus townbuildthing
Phoenix Isles map view (18/10/2018)
Phoenix Isles map view (4/12/2019)
Phoenix Isles map view (25/02/2020)
Phoenix Isles map view (15/06/2020)
Phoenix Isles map view (30/06/2020)
Phoenix Isles map view (30/09/2020)
Phoenix Isles map view (28/09/2020). Further landmass expansions, new buildings and skyscrapers, addition of the plot district, and the completion of the Grand Phoenix Isles Tunnel.
The day (2023-12-09) that all Dirt/Grass, and a majority of roads, were placed


Phoenix Corp is currently accepting donations of dirt to help make the islands. Chests can be located in the warehouse west of the port.

Phoenix Corp and AyeMB thank the following players for their donations of dirt and other supplies:

Contributors who helped build the Isles (placing dirt, roads, etc)


Southern Island

The southern island of Phoenix Isles primarily containers tall skyscrapers or large buildings.

Northern Island

The northern island of Phoenix Isles contains many smaller buildings more closely packed together. xXOakTheTreeXx, Himan75, Frosty_Diamonds and members of Project Eros have permission to add to this area.



  • Standard Blimp by Anna_28. Based off Blimp at Batugus which was started by fthtjyjy.
  • Adsplay Blimp by Anna_28. Based off Colossal Blimps from AdvertCity, advertising the the company the user plays as in the game: Adsplay.
  • PI Blimp by Anna_28. Same dimensions and style as the normal Blimps on AdvertCity, showing "PI" (Phoenix Isles) in orange text.
  • Salami Blimp by Slime_tiger. A floating salami but as a blimp.
  • Drifblim by Anna_28. A hot air balloon made to look like Drifblim, the blimp Pokémon.
  • Niantic Airship by Anna_28. An airship resembling the Niantic logo.
  • Tour Blimp An orange and white blimp holding the tour viewing area.

Planned Builds ScarClaw72 made a video touring the city in his 27th episode of Exploring Freedonia, as part of the third season.



Development of the Islands

Sometime in August 2016 AyeMB found a small island in the ocean north of townbuildthing and started to collect dirt.

August 2016 to October 2017

Work is done on the Island with many periods of no development. Anna_28, Chewy27_, Jibletz, and WaffleNomster begin working in the first plots

October 2017 to January 2018 slimtimmy13 and Slime_tiger are hired to help AyeMB with the placing of dirt. With new passion injected the project makes swift progress. Vehicles start appearing on the roads of Phoenix City (all made by Anna_28)

2018 AyeMB continues work on the islands, taking long breaks every few weeks.


More work on buildings and more players creating their own buildings. The metro system development and railway connections is started by Inspector_Foix. 44trent3 creates a branch off the Freedonia Railway System towards Phoenix Isles

2020 Mystila starts constructing the train station to connect the metro system to the Freedonia Railway System. Flamehaze97 and others work on the road from Phoenix Isles to Socorro and other road networks. The Grand Phoenix Isles Tunnel is mined out, connecting Phoenix Isles to other towns by road. Several more buildings are built. 44trent3 works with skybirdthing connecting Phoenix Isles to a FRS Oriental Line branch through Townbuildthing. LewisD95 and dorn284 build another railway near Flame Station heading West. Flamehaze97 volunteers to help expand Phoenix Isles with dirt, the job was carried out off and on throughout 2021. Flame later abandoned the project.

Other cities in Freedonia have started building or planning embassies in the city.

Buildings on the northern island are started.


Many companies at Phoenix Isles reference birds in their names.

  • Phoenix Isles
  • Pukeko Transport
  • Flamingo Luxury Cars
  • Kea Cars
  • Weka Walks
  • Kingfisher Fishing Rods
  • Fantail Fans
  • Kiwi Plane Flights
  • Humming Helicopters
  • Seagull Tours
  • Pidgeon News

Not all of the above companies have buildings at Phoenix Isles currently, but several have vehicles around the city. Talk to Anna_28 if you wish to build a building for one of these companies.

There is a Moon tower, a twilight tower, and a sunrise bakery brand.

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