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green_towns.png Aryina City

View of Aryina City at night.

Founder icooliam
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? In Plots
Road link? Yes, HellFireForge
Nexus link? No
Rail link? Yes, ABC Rail Network
Boat link? Yes (Great Circle, HellFireForge Branch)
Portal? No
Coordinates X=1760
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Aryina City is a modern new city, that is constantly expanding. It is operated and owned by icooliam and his team at Aryina City Government. Most building work has been completed by icooliam but small building work has been carried out by a few other players. Aryina City has many different shops, or houses or services on offer - and thanks to good management from Aryina City Government all shops are kept stocked and all services are kept running.

Home to NGQ Apartments HQ and it's first tower it's got modern and stylish apartments. The Community Hall is near NGQ Apartments Tower 1 and provides a place to go for citizens or visitors and information on plots; it also contains a trading board where players can leave signs with their names and trades they would like to complete with other players. Opposite Aryina City Community Hall is Aryina City Central Square, the central square there are six markets stalls, where players can leave shop signs, and every Sunday there is a live market that players can attend. Near the Central Square there is the city mall, a stylish and modern mall.

The city is part of the ABC Rail Network and is home to the headquarters to this network, the station for ABC Rail Network is in the Visitor Center in Aryina City, next to Aryina City Sports Center. The road goes through the suburb of Aryina City, Buires.

Structures & Buildings

Community Hall

Exterior view of the community hall

Aryina City Community Hall, (sometimes called Aryina City Town Hall) is a community hall in Aryina City. It contains information about plots and has a trading board where players can post trade offers on signs. It can also be rented for events that players want to hold.

Central Square

View from the front of the Central Square

Opposite of the Community Hall is the Central Square. It's a square where players can gather to meet, buy, sell and browse. Six individually coloured market stalls are in the square and players can purchase these stalls and add shop signs to them. They can also sell from them manually every Sunday when there is a market. The Central Square is part of the Shopping District of Aryina City, meaning Aryina City Mall is nearby. The market was built as icooliam's second proper build, and is the third oldest part of Aryina City. The square was renovated along with the paths of Aryina City and the base has been changed from cobble to stonebrick.

Aryina Mall

View from inside the Aryina City Mall

Aryina city mall is the city's official mall. The stylish modern mall is under a mountain, a river and an island, meaning the mall has skylights with great views of the bottom of the sea or the great blue sky. The mall is part of the shopping district of Aryina sity and is very near the central square, meaning that shoppers will already be near the new development. During the construction of the mall, there were plenty of complications because the mall was built aside a shallow river, but the efforts paid off as customers can now enjoy amazing sea views whilst they shop. The mall includes many facilities including luxury spacious stock rooms for store owners and clean and fresh and free toilets for shoppers. The mall will be extended at some point in the near future, meaning there will be room for more services.

  • Shop 1 - Empty (Available to Rent)
  • Shop 2 - Empty (Available to Rent)
  • Shop 3 - XtraShop (Not Yet Open)
  • Shop 4 - Peep's Mine and Hardware (Owned by La_Peep)

Sport Center

Exterior view of the sports center

Owned by Aryina City Government.The center offers free service to all of its machines and facilities, including the pool, punching bags and running machines. The sports center is located near the shopping district of Aryina City. Materials were provided for this structure from samyboyz. The sports center is build with a modern roof offset theme, made from stone, wood, and a floor of stone slab. The sports center has views of the farm, and the Aryina City visitor center.

NGQ Apartments

NGQ Apartments is an organisation/company that owns a range of apartments towers. The aim of the company is to provide players with cheap (or free if it's a new player) apartments, that are big enough to live in and are of good quality. The headquarters of NGQ Apartments is located near the shop district of Aryina City. Currently, there is only one tower available.

Tower 1

A modern stylish building found near the town hall of Aryina City. The tower is 7 stories tall which is the equivalent of 6 apartments.

Floor Ownership
  • Floor 1 - Waiting Area
  • Floor 2 - Unowned
  • Floor 3 - NickolasDiamond's Apartment & NGQ Store Rooom
  • Floor 4 - NickolasDiamond's Apartment
  • Floor 5 - frostmagic2002's Apartment
  • Floor 6 - samyboyz's Apartment
  • Floor 7 - icooliams's Apartment

Eagle Tower

The Eagle Tower is the tallest tower in Aryina City with NGQ Apartments Tower 1 being the second tallest. It was built and named with inspiration from the real life Eagle Tower in Cheltenham, see the picture at the bottom. The tower is owned by Aryina City Government, and those who want to buy a floor must contact Aryina City Government. The Eagle Tower is sometimes nicknamed 'The One Day Tower' by the residents of Aryina City as the tower was made in just one day.

ABC Rail Network's HQ

More information coming soon.


NightClose Logo

This city has a border feature known as "NightClose". These specialist borders feature iron doors that open at 6am (sunrise) and close and 7pm (sunset). They are mainly used to keep mobs out from unlit out of city areas but also slow down the rate of players travelling in and out of cities. These two gates were paid for by Aryina City Government.



When Aryina City was first founded it was in complete ownership of icooliam, however as time passed residents of the city believed there should be more owners of Aryina City, so icooliam created the Aryina City Government with himself, samyboyz and two anonymous residents of the city who won a vote. Ownership was declared no longer as purely icooliam's, but instead the governments. In late 2014, icooliam announced he was leaving MinecraftOnline, and left his place in the city's government. Sadly, shortly after his departure government meetings stopped, and power ultimately fell to samyboyz. The city crashed, with the controlled plot system left untouched, the uniformity once found in Aryina City was gone, and private storage of icooliam was broken into.

On the 23rd of October, 2016, icooliam returned and declared himself owner again of Aryina City. Getting in touch with previous members of Aryina City Government, he hosted an emergency meeting with just two government officials, the meeting ended with plans to build a 'Return Tower', clean-up Aryina City, and bring new visitors to the city. The position of samyboyz as a government official has not yet been declared.

Recent Changes

  • (29/11/2014) - New city expansion area open.
  • (29/11/2014) - Introduction of NightClose borders.
  • (30/11/2014) - Added a second NightClose border.
  • (30/11/2014) - Stadium for Power Tower started.
  • (23/10/2016) - icooliam returns after nearly two years to MinecraftOnline.
  • (23/10/2016) - Aryina City Government meets for a short discussion and announces a 'Return Tower' shall be made.