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green_towns.png Birchwood Village
2014-08-22 14.51.55.png

Birchwood at night.

Founder Mystila
Contributors thesprazzzler
Category Towns
Underground? Partially
Fortified? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes, free build on open grassy areas.
Size north to south 105m
Size west to east 100m
Road link? No
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=242
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Birchwood is a small village south-west of Cherath. It was founded by Mystila on 20 January 2014. Currently expanding to the water with "Waterwood", pier style pathways with houses and buildings attached. Many of the current buildings are undergoing Renovation. Currently looking for contributors! and Builders! New for July 2014 - Shopping Mall AKA Development 16


Before the first house was built, and before the first Birch Tree was grown, this area was a vast and empty "Green" space, not many trees, plants or any signs of life. Then along came Mystila - After a long walk from Spawn, was looking for a place to set up as home. Karate chopped a tree down, made a few sticks and resources and made a mud hut, this was to be "Home" for the next 30 minutes - before A mine was found, with Coal, and iron and more importantly - STONE! Once the first day cycle kicked in, it was time to build the foundations that would soon lead to the village of Birchwood! Birchwood is currently expanding in most directions, and now features a paved market square (for future events) a temporary XP grinder, Library and enchantment centre.


Birchwood has a lot of Birch trees, hence the name!

  • Above the village is the Sky Garden - A renewable source of Wheat and Carrots and home to the resident horse. (oh and great Views!)
  • A boat house is located to the East of Birchwood and connects the village to its boating lake and possibly nearby Settlements!
  • NEW for May 2014 A new event arena is to open! With monthly events that can / may / will change - Fire, lava, battle boats and more! All coming soon.
  • A new rail station has been constructed underneath the village with a small shopping mall and Inn
  • Oak Square is located S.W of Birchwood and sits alongside the Rail line, with new Stilt Houses
  • A Glade Nights Hotel


Birchwood Station

A new rail "Cart" station is currently under construction, it is currently accessable and unofficially opened on Friday 21st February. At present the short platform underneath Mystila's house is connected to the "Twin spire" stop that connects to the main Pathway from Spawn.

  • Updated May 2014 Now includes a new platform (Under Construction) this is a shuttle trip to the new event arena!
  • Updated July 2014 Development 16 - Brand new open plan station, booking offices and new Shopping mall entrance! Pictures to come


This is a new area to the village which offers that something extra and unique to Birchwood. - Rentable huts!

Basic - A small 5x6 or 6x5 Living space with bed (and possible pre-installed kitchen or toolbox)
New! Luxury - A larger living space, normally with a second floor, balcony or docking area!
At the moment all huts are Free to rent, name them whilst you can! Fireplaces are NOT permitted, External changes are permitted as long as the material are reused (or returned)
A larger list or 'rules' available in the Renting hall!

Calling all Contributors!

Birchwood is looking for Public builds and Contributors to help with some extentions! A number of buildings including; A church, hotel or Inn and additional shops and player homes are welcome as well as miners to help clear out some more building spaces! Let Mystila know if you're able to help!