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User Mystila

Some ice lady - thingy

Known as Mystila
Gender Male
Location UK
Nationality English
DOB 1991-09-24
Occupation Lazy git (works in a supermarket)
In Freedonia
First joined 20 January 2014
First building A mud hut... now Birchwood
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20/4/2016 at 19:32 marked Mystilia's 800th hour online! ... Wooo Sandblock party!

14/5/2018 at 16:25 marked Mystilia's 1000th Hour online! ... Wooo Acacia party!


2021! - Mystila is back for 2021! Lots of new projects popping up around Acacia Glade and the surrounding area!

Founder and Village warden of Birchwood the ever expanding village! As of October 28th 2014, Mystila has founded the new Explorer's League. And is located in "The New world" 1.7.10s southern expansion. A new settlement called Acacia Glade is home to the Explorer's league HQ. As of January 2020 Mystila is now working many new projects, including expanding Acacia Glade and doing plenty of refurbs and improvements to older buildings!

One of Mystila's favourite things is to create railway links! So if you have a town or village near to Acacia Glade then feel free to leave a note!

Likes & Dislikes (Cos everyone's got at least one!)


  • Infrastructure projects, Road / path laying and Railways - If there's a rail project then you'll find me!
  • Nice natural areas - Forests, flowers, flower forests, rivers etc.
  • Helpful and friendly people! It makes a nice community to come back to.


  • Unnecessary PvP - I play to build and create community spaces, Leave the PvP to Arenas!
  • Rubbish buildings - I started there with a mud hut, now im experimenting with new building techniques.
  • Players that expect things to be handed to them - Hey now Acacia Glade wasn't built (or finished) in a day you know!


Mystila is currently busy on many projects at the moment, mainly colonising the south - under the great Myst rule *Giggles*

  • Acacia Roads - connecting up new villages and temples to the main acacia road network and Acacia Glade itself.
  • Fortifying, beautifying and expanding NPC villages - mainly in the southern Expansion
  • Making the general area more flowery and pretty - NEED MORE ROSES
  • Finishing the current version of the Acacia Glade Railway Station - Expansion has been completed, But we've heard that it could undergo another expansion!
  • Expanding the Cyan line all the way to the Explorer's League island! Complete!
  • Building a base on the Explorer's League island - Partially complete, project postponed!
  • A possible connection to Rustville
  • A New Railway - Acacia Glade Western Railway
  • A New premium housing area - Four Wood Lane
  • And many more....

Coming soon!

Major Projects

  • Lands of Rosia - A new fortified Settlement, with an NPC village in the "Lower" Quarters, plus docks, Horse fields, sheep fields and more.
  • New Birchwood - Springing a new large settlement in one of the birchwood forests that have spawned down south, It won't be long before New Birchwood will start seeing some development
  • "Help the noob" - Making care packages for new players, containing a random selection of Wood & stone (and maybe iron) tools, plus food for their first night! Now in the form of some starter flats and Sandstone Story residential tower in Acacia Glade
  • Extending the AGR red line onto the main Acacia Roads pathway, now connected to the railway station
  • Creating a suitable national railway station to connect the Freedonia Railway System to the southern expansion lands
  • Start up a new group Search for Aquaria (underwater temple) This will be a new underwater settlement idea.

Mystila on the move