Casa Verrilli

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green_houses.png Casa Verrilli

The glass side of the house

Owner hprick
Contributors hprick
Category Houses
Underground? Partly
Public? Partly
Started Late november 2018
Completed 6 december 2018
Size north to south 34m
Size west to east 34m
Height 21m
Coordinates X=-13064
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Aeston Isle
Map link

Casa Verrilli is hprick's Aeston Isle residency.


Casa Verrilli is Spanish for House Verrilli. Verrilli comes from the latin name Rhopilema verrilli, better known as the Mushroom Cap Jellyfish. This was seen as a fitting name, since this house combines seaview with the Mushroom lands of Aeston Isle.


The Casa Verrilli complex consists for the most part of the house itself, a three-story house with a half-flattened roof, in traditional Aestonese fashion. Its twelve pillars are made from quality Viziman sandstone and the rest of the construction is made almost entirely of strong dark oak wood from the Southern woods around the Mesamazon River jungle. At the west side, the entire wall is made out of a standing halfpipe made of glass, which gives one an amazing view over the sea; especially in the evening, since through the glass, you would look directly at the sunset in the ocean.

On the north side of the manor, the Rock Dock is situated. This functions mostly as a private dock for hprick. It consists of a single small pier and a huge cart on a rail that connects to hpricks basement.