Castle of Cactimore

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green_castles.png Castle of Cactimore

Northwest view of the castle

Owner Netrom5
Category Castles
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=5658
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Sandmore
Map link

Castle of Cactimore, also called New Mellombilinak (after Fort Mellombilinak in Tussenstad), is a Marinian Fortified Castle located north of Watermore and east of Sandmore.


Soon after the establishment of Sandmore, Netrom5 ventured south to explore the new settlement. After an agreement with Kittyfreak500, Castle of Cactimore was constructed. First as an outpost but after further fortification the castle took shape. It now serves as a refuge point if the Kingdom Of Marinia ever faced a domestic invasion. Additionally there has been found great deposit of gold beneath the barren desert and Castle of Cactimore is home to an excavation site, currently hauling great amounts of gold ore for the inhabitants of Kingdom Of Marinia.

Plans for expansion

Ideally, the castle would house the entire population of Sandmore and Watermore, Alas that is not the current case. Cactimore needs housing and training grounds, perhaps this begs the need for an expansion.


As mentioned earlier, Cactimore is located north for Watermore and east for Sandmore. If one would wish to travel here, one would first need to /warp skyline. Afterwards a long trek pursues, one would need to walk, run and swim an astonishing 5000blocks south - southeast.

Another way to get there is to take the Nexus to Sandy Bottom and walk about 3000 blocks through a desolate area of dry deserts and savannas. Needless to say, take a look at the map beforehand.