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green_cities.png Tussenstad

An night look at Tussenstad (note: old picture)

Founder getplayerhead.sh?IvanLeshev&16.png IvanLeshev
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Appelsaus_&16.png Appelsaus_ getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick getplayerhead.sh?Avanlance&16.png Avanlance getplayerhead.sh?Ayytox&16.png Ayytox
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? Partially in its own walls, and in the bigger Benjamese Empire walls.
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south 50m
Size west to east 50m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? yes
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-3200
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Tussenstad (Dutch for "city inbetween") is a city partially located in between BenjaminStad and KSCity, situated on and around Mellomby Hill and on the other side of Lake Vesitäysi. It is administratively and physically split in two parts: North and South Tussenstad. The northern part of the city is known for its hospitality (The Glistering Melon and The Wooden Axe inn), while the southern part is known for the Brandarix Tower and Spruce Coast District. It lies around the half-frozen (unlike most lakes in the area, which are fully frozen) Lake Vesitäysi. Tussenstad is one of the most urbanised BenEm cities.


At the time of writing, Tussenstad has 16 residents:


Tussenstad consists of two parts, North and South Tussenstad. North Tussenstad is situated on and around Mellomby Hill. The east side of North Tussenstad lies on the frozen part of Lake Vesitäysi and the south side lies on the shore of the non-frozen part of the same lake. To the north of North Tussenstad lies a vast area of icy forest, frozen lakes and snowy plains, of which a part is enclosed by the walls of KSCity. To the west lies the nature park Sugarcane Shores, and directly past that lies the city of BenjaminStad, so there is only room for expansion on the north side and on the ice of Vesitäysi to the east (in the Ice District). However, the chances of North Tussenstad expanding are fairly small (although KSCity was sold to the Empire in december 2017, which makes room for northern expansion) because there is plenty of space in South Tussenstad ; This place lies on the other side of Lake Vesitäysi. It holds some of the bigger Tussenstad builds. South Tussenstad has the watermass of the lake to its north side. Furthermore, it is secluded by two mountains to its east and west side. However, this does not block expansion, because there are a lot of possibilities for builds on and around these peaks. On top of that, there is a vast area of mountains and hills to the south, where mysterious dinosaur-like creatures roam the misty peaks. Currently, past the train station there are only a few roads around there, but there might be a room for future expansion. The outback desert of Batavia (BenEm mainland) is the place most likely used for expansion in the future, with Merchilles as the pioneer in expansion.

A rock monster watching over the misty peaks.


As part of BenEm agglomeration

The first blocks of Tussenstad were placed on the 7th of september, 2017, when getplayerhead.sh?IvanLeshev&16.png IvanLeshev laid the foundations of Main Street. The next day, 8 september 2017, Tussenstad was officially declared a new town, although it wasn't named Tussenstad yet; getplayerhead.sh?Appelsaus_&16.png Appelsaus_ came up with that a bit later. Reason of getplayerhead.sh?IvanLeshev&16.png IvanLeshev creating Tussenstad is his will to create a settlement by himself. At start, Tussenstad been part of BenEm agglomeration, because Tussenstad been a small settlement in middle of nowhere. As Ivan been excited to make his idea a reality, he brought getplayerhead.sh?BenjaminBsuper&16.png BenjaminBsuper into site of Main Street. And, they started placing first blocks of Tussenstad at water. They had idea of doing houses with exact size standard, but, soon, they forgot this idea. This seemed for the better, since the style of different sized and colored houses gave Tussenstad its distinct character, which had certainly been important for attracting new players.

With Tussenstad already started, getplayerhead.sh?IvanLeshev&16.png IvanLeshev invited getplayerhead.sh?Appelsaus_&16.png Appelsaus_ into his new project. Appelsaus_ builded a hotel (which is also a his house), watchtower. Before being a town, after Ivan's work with getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick, Ivan invited him.

Friendship of 3 players or Tussenstad as town of BenEm

When getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick and getplayerhead.sh?Appelsaus_&16.png Appelsaus_ are at board, they started implementing their own ideas, like the Glistering Melon. getplayerhead.sh?IvanLeshev&16.png IvanLeshev simply helped them and continued some of their ideas. Friendship of Ivan, hprick and Appelsaus_ became most influential persons behind Tussenstad. After getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick moved from Isfiskholt to Tussenstad, they started shaping Tussenstad into what it is today.

Thanks to their efforts, Tussenstad officially is a town, not the part of agglomeration. Also, they gave street administration, most of monuments, and most of town itself.

From the start of the Wooden Axe inn and the Glistering Melon, Tussenstad development really took off; Port Tussenstad came to be not long after, and the Fraffyard expansion happened shortly after too. At last, the Kijfgracht Canal was built, forming one of Tussenstad's most recognizable sites.

Beginning of South Tussenstad

Beginning of South Tussenstad dates earlier, than formation of it. It starts with construction of Tussensquad Lounge and Brandarix Tower, as a new home for getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick, who was constantly moving homes and needed a real permanent base. It made no sense to Ivan however, that those buildings wouldn't part of Tussenstad. Along with getplayerhead.sh?IvanLeshev&16.png IvanLeshev, getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick decided to form South Tussenstad. North and South Tussenstad were divided by Lake Vesitäysi, but hprick wanted to keep the lake open. To solve the problem of connectivity, hprick and Ivan builded Trans-Vesitäysi Tunnel. This tunnel officially started life of South Tussenstad as part of Tussenstad.

When Trans-Vesitäysi Tunnel been builded, most of Tussenstad development moved to south. Ivan, Appelsaus_ and hprick builded park and roads, one of first infastructure buildings in South Tussenstad. Harbour has been builded, and road to BenjaminStad been builded. Also, new district called Spruce Coast been started.

An independent Tussenstad

On the 23d of July, 2018, Tussenstad became independent from BenEm, along with Isfiskholt. This is due to internal conflicts in the government. With becoming independent, growth in Tussenstad stagnated and BenEm activities concentrated to Oldville, while getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick moved to Sandmore to work on infrastructure there.

Back in business

On the 30th of september 2018, Tussenstad joined BenEm again. This unification was paired with an enormous boost in collaborative work in the entirety of BenEm.

Tussenstad today

Today, Tussenstad is city, which is linked with roads to Merchilles, BenjaminStad and KSCity. Tussenstad has a boat link to BenjaminStad. Tussenstad is known for its monuments, projects and success. Also, Tussenstad is one of largest settlements in former BenEm, starting from north and ending at south. Tussenstad has been fairly stable for a long time, without hierarchical distress or grief issues. Tussenstad has known its fastest growth at the start of the southern expansion. In 2018, Tussenstad stagnated in its growth, but this will change when the walls of KSCity are broken down. Since KSCity was sold to getplayerhead.sh?BenjaminBsuper&16.png BenjaminBsuper, it will most likely be rebuilt and expanded as a new and thriving part of BenEm agglomeration.

Currently Tussenstad has one of the most stable hierarchical structures with 3 mayors on top, who decide on important matters together.

Peace Contract

We have joined the "Peace Contract" of Peaceful Society,


Tussenstad has unique system of districts, which is used in only few Freedonia settlements.

Ice District is the oldest Tussenstad district. Right after Ice District been builded off, the Mellombytop and Port Tussenstad were started. Not long after, getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick made an agreement with getplayerhead.sh?BenjaminBsuper&16.png BenjaminBsuper to mark Sugarcane Shores as protected area. After some time, the Fraffyard expansion happened and with these five districts, Tussenstad had practically expanded into its boundaries. Around september 2017, South Tussenstad slowly started up. Starting points for South Tussenstad are Tussensquad Lounge and Brandarix Tower. Not long after, a few builds in STS Harbour came to be. At the time of writing, november 2017, the newest district is Mobville.

The historical centre of Tussenstad is North Tussenstad, specifically the middle of Main Street and Towerlane. Port Tussenstad is near with the centre, and the newest part of North Tussenstad is Fraffyard.

South Tussenstad is newest part of Tussenstad. It started with Brandarix Tower and TussenSquad Lounge (TSL in short). After the construction of Trans-Vesitäysi Tunnel, the growth of South Tussenstad rocketed. It now has many official citizens.

A map of Tussenstad's districts. (note: old map)

Tussenstad is divided into two parts, which together hold nine districts, all ruled under Tussenstad Staff and individually under District Regulators (DR's in short):

North Tussenstad

North Tussenstad is located in north coast of Lake Vesitäysi, and this part of town is known for being a location of first Tussenstad's buildings. It was started by IvanLeshev and getplayerhead.sh?BenjaminBsuper&16.png BenjaminBsuper, but was polished to current look thanks to hprick's and Appelsaus_'s help. Currently, this is smallest part of Tussenstad.

(Marked yellow on the district map) (Under PTDR)

The Vesitäysi-side harbour (and the lighthouse). This is the most dense district in the north; almost every square meter is built on or hand placed. Official residents of Port Tussenstad are:

  • Mellombytop

(Marked purple) (Under MTDR)

This district is located on Mellomby Hill: Fort Mellombilinak, The wooden axe inn the watchtower, the postal office, the visitor stand and the market. Official residents of Mellombytop are: getplayerhead.sh?Appelsaus_&16.png Appelsaus_

  • Ice District

(Marked red) (Under IDDR)

All the buildings are on the ice (left on the map): Tussenstad Beach, The Glistering Melon and the shooting range. Ice District is the most populous northern district. Official residents of Ice District are: getplayerhead.sh?applepie1404&16.png applepie1404 getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick getplayerhead.sh?Zampige_Man&16.png Zampige_Man getplayerhead.sh?ar828&16.png ar828 getplayerhead.sh?STL_Ninja17&16.png STL_Ninja17

  • Fraffyard

(Marked bright green) (Under FYDR)

Fraffyard is located on a smaller hill: public farm, the Fraffyard Cemetery and the build and pigfarm in between.

Official residents of Fraffyard are: getplayerhead.sh?IvanLeshev&16.png IvanLeshev getplayerhead.sh?Mia778&16.png Mia778

  • Sugarcane Shores

(Marked bright blue) (Not under DR's, shared by Tussenstad Staff and BenjaminStad staff. Edits are only possible when BenjaminStad staff as well as Tussenstad staff give permission). This districts has no residents, and no place for them.

The nature park inbetween BenjaminStad and Tussenstad. This is not entirely considered a Tussenstad district because it is shared between BenjaminStad and Tussenstad. Building in this area is strictly prohibited, unless approved by BenjaminStad and Tussenstad-staff.

The border of BenjaminStad is marked dark green.

South Tussenstad

The part of the town located on the other side of Lake Vesitäysi (not entirely visible on the map). It is connected to the rest of Tussenstad with the Trans-Vesitäysi Tunnel, which was started by getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick on 30 September 2017, and finished the next day. This tunnel was built to reserve the lake as a big open watermass.

(Under SHDR) All buildings close and next to the water on the south side; the docks, l'Arc de Sud, getplayerhead.sh?BabyDontHerdMe&16.png BabyDontHerdMe's house, park and buildings inbetween. Official residents of STS Harbor are: getplayerhead.sh?SrGrilledCheese&16.png SrGrilledCheese (formerly known as getplayerhead.sh?BabyDontHerdMe&16.png BabyDontHerdMe).

  • Old South

(Under OSDR) The oldest part of South Tussenstad: Brandarix Tower, TussenSquad Lounge, the Cave of a Thousand Spooks, getplayerhead.sh?Appelsaus_&16.png Appelsaus_'s castle, Loss billboard, the Zen Park and the farm next to the lounge. Old South is the most populous Southern district. Official residents of Old South are: getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick getplayerhead.sh?Appelsaus_&16.png Appelsaus_ getplayerhead.sh?Avanlance&16.png Avanlance getplayerhead.sh?crazy_kvo&16.png crazy_kvo getplayerhead.sh?IronKatana&16.png IronKatana

  • Spruce Coast

(Under SCDR) Wood houses, which are mostly made out of spruce and located on Lake Vesitäysi's shore. Most houses in Spruce Coast are partially built on poles, and partially built against and in the hill. Spruce Coast holds the Lavatree monument. Official residents of Spruce Coast are: getplayerhead.sh?ADHD_Autism&16.png ADHD_Autism getplayerhead.sh?Appelsaus_&16.png Appelsaus_ getplayerhead.sh?Johngi&16.png Johngi getplayerhead.sh?thesprazzzler&16.png thesprazzzler

  • Mobville

(Under MVDR) At the time of writing the district most positioned to the south. It consist of a small grassy area, secluded by the Spruce Coast border wall, the Zen Park hedge, a mountain cliff and its own piece of wall. Inside the walls, a collection of very small idyllic red houses is to be found. All streets in Mobville are named after mobs; currently, the only streets are Skeleton Street, Spider Street and Creeper Street, but expansion into the mountain is expected. Official residents of Mobville are: getplayerhead.sh?ADHD_Autism&16.png ADHD_Autism

  • Mount and Misthills

(Under MNDR) This districts hold the train station, B.U.T.T (text about this building is in Monuments page section), Tussenstad's farm area, a temporary BenEm HQ, several houses, parts of empty desert and a bit of roads that lead nowhere: Official residents of Mount are: getplayerhead.sh?bizarrzo&16.png bizarrzo getplayerhead.sh?IvanLeshev&16.png IvanLeshev



Tussenstad is one of few cities in Freedonia, where every street has a name, and every build has a specific street number. The streets were named mostly by getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick, getplayerhead.sh?IvanLeshev&16.png IvanLeshev and getplayerhead.sh?Appelsaus_&16.png Appelsaus_.

This is a map of North Tussenstad containing the streets and highlights. The yellow line is the Main Street. The orange line is a road to KSCity. The light pink road is Tower Lane. The dark red line is Cane Lane. The black line is BenEm Route (a road to BenjaminStad). The bright blue line is Shore Path. The purple line is Northside Road (another road to BenjaminStad. The light green circle and line represents Melon Square and Melon Passage. The dark green line represents Farm Street. The red outlined area is Tussenstad Beach. The white outlined area is Port Tussenstad and the brown circle (next to KSCity Road is the sewer pipe exit. The yellow star represents The wooden axe inn. The dark green star represents the public farm. The tiny white star represents the light-tower of Port Tussenstad. The light green star next to Melon Square is representing the The Glistering Melon.

Railway System

On the 20th of december 2017, getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick decided to start a railway system for travel in and around Tussenstad: The Main Station is positioned in South Tussenstad, since this is currently the most active part and there is a big amount of space here. Main Station is located on a hill south of Zen Park and gives access to 10 openings for existing, planned and potential railroad routes. Work on the routes is in progress at the time of writing:

  • Rail 1: Main Station-Micro Park Station (Public) (Intracity)

This railroad takes you to Micro Park Station via the city centre.

Status: 90% completed.

  • Rail 2: Open

Status: Not Planned

  • Rail 3: Main Station-Brandarix-TSQ Lounge (Private) (Intracity)

This railroad takes getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick and his company to TSQ Lounge via his home in Brandarix Tower

Status: 100% completed.

This 2-track railroad will take you to KSCity, North Tussenstad and BenjaminStad.

Status: Planned

  • Rail 5: Open

Status: Not Planned

  • Rail 6: Open

Status: Not Planned

  • Rail 7: Main Station-Merchilles (Public) (Intercity)

This route will take you through the desert, to the far BenEm town of Merchilles

Status: Planned

  • Rail 8: Main Station-Nexus Purple 1 (Public) (Intercity)

This route will take you to the nearest Nexus hub. This will be the longest route which is currently planned.

Status: Planned

  • Rail 9: Main Station-Mobville-Spruce Coast (Public) (Intracity)

This route goes downhill to the two districts of Mobville and Spruce Coast.

Status: Planned

  • Rail 10: Zen Park-Main Station-BenEm Farms (Public) (Intracity)

This route starts in the middle of South Tussenstad (because it has to be easily accessible for TS citizens) and goes to the BenEm Farms via Main Station.

Status: 100% completed.


Tussenstad knows a few different architectural styles, but the most outstanding architectural phenomenon is the fact of Tussenstad differing from BenjaminStad and KSCity. Tussenstad, especially North Tussenstad, is mainly focused on smaller builds, off-grid, with different colors and sizes, whereas BenjaminStad and KSCity are mainly built on a grid, with many similar houses, with smaller differences inbetween. Tussenstad architecture is a ludic play on the Spartan, militant style of the surrounding towns. This is very visible on Kijfgracht Canal in North Tussenstad.

South Tussenstad is a bit different; it's a bit scaled up and has some bigger builds, which are meant for more than housing and hospitality, unlike North Tussenstad. The most important architectural features of South Tussenstad are Brandarix Tower and Spruce Coast. Brandarix Tower was built to bring some more BenEm into Tussenstad; it not only jumps out because of its size, but also because of its surprisingly BenjaminStad-ish style. Spruce Coast is a real comment on BenjaminStad architecture; it consists of smaller versions of BenjaminStad-ish houses integrated into the hillside, while BenjaminStad was mainly built on a flat plain. The Zen Park plays on North Tussenstad, it being an extreme version of the small idyllic village in the North. Last but not least, the rainbow beacon inbetween Brandarix Tower and TussensQuad Lounge adds the needed color to the relatively grey and simple districts of STS Harbour and Old South.


North Tussenstad has an operational sewer system, which can be used to throw away items or store items in the public chest at the end of the main sewer pipe. All major builds in North Tussenstad are connected to the sewer system. It was built by getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick with some help from getplayerhead.sh?Appelsaus_&16.png Appelsaus_ and getplayerhead.sh?IvanLeshev&16.png IvanLeshev. Houses on the ice aren't connected to the sewer system, currently only the post office, The wooden axe inn, the Port Tussenstad storage house, the watch tower and The Glistering Melon are connected.

Construction of a new sewer system in South Tussenstad has started on 18 april 2018. Originally, the southern sewer system was intended to actually consist of two seperate systems, one connecting STS Harbour and Old South, the other one connecting Mount, Mobville and Spruce Coast. However, after starting construction, connecting the entirety to a single sewer system seemed perfectly executable.

Tussenstad Enterprises, who handles the implementation of this system, will provide a map making the layout of these systems clear as soon as possible.


Tussenstad is a city of sports. The major sport of Tussenstad is Ice Diving. This is very dangerous, and occasionally someone halfway drowns through the process. Nevertheless, the citizens still enjoy it a lot and getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick even set up an ice diving challenge on Main Street 8, where you have to get to checkpoints under the ice before drowning, which is still expanding into a larger course. Another occasional game played in Tussenstad is the snowball fight. Also, another game in Tussenstad is "Spot the Sign". Currently, this game is about spotting "made by getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick" signs through whole Tussenstad. Tussenstad citizens like shooting too: there's a shooting range in the northern part (Mainstreet 14).

Fraffyard Cemetery

In the Fraffyard district, a dark and scary zombie-infused graveyard is to be found. This place holds Tussenstad citizens who have passed away.

Currently, the rotting corpses of getplayerhead.sh?Appelsaus_&16.png Appelsaus_, getplayerhead.sh?3Brorsor&16.png 3Brorsor, getplayerhead.sh?IvanLeshev&16.png IvanLeshev and getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick (who tragically fell off his own Brandarix Tower) lie under the soil.

-WARNING: Don't go there at night, the place is haunted! 
-If you want to try this anyway, watch your steps and prepare yourself for a truly spooky and traumatic experience!
The spooky sight of getplayerhead.sh?Appelsaus_&16.png Appelsaus_'s corpse crawling out of his grave. Brrr!


Tussenstad holds a few municipal monuments:

  • Lavatree

Located in Spruce Coast (STS) This nature-historical monument consists of a few trees, some sand pillars and an ever-flowing lava source. What makes this place special, is that it hasn't been touched since the time BenEm settlers came to the area. It is a symbol of the Benjamese Empire; The lava stands for the continuous motion and innovation of the area. However, the lava flows over trees, while keeping them intact: this stands for the way BenEm and especially Tussenstad work with regard for nature and terrain. Last but not least, the sand pillars show how seemingly small and weak constructions can withstand huge forces and stay stable.

  • Kijfgracht Canal

Located in Mellombytop (NTS) This cultural monument is one of the most recognizable sites of Tussenstad; a street with many small colored houses.

  • Sewer System

Located in Mellombytop, Port Tussenstad and Ice District (NTS) This is an infrastructural monument because of its uniqueness; it is one of the few operational sewer systems in the entirety of Freedonia

This is an infrastructural monument, because it is very special; it shows how much effort was done to keep Lake Vesitäysi nice and open.

  • Fort Mellombilinak

This cultural and infrastructural monument is one of most recognizable sites of Tussenstad, because it is fully protected from mobs (even from spiders: the walls are built in such a way that spiders can't climb over them).

List of builds

getplayerhead.sh?IvanLeshev&16.png IvanLeshev built:

  • KSCity Road
  • Main Street
  • BenEm Route
  • Shore Path
  • Farm Street
  • Part of Northside Road
  • Port Tussenstad
  • Tussenstad Watchtower
  • Bunker

getplayerhead.sh?Appelsaus_&16.png Appelsaus_ built:

  • Tussenstad Watchtower
  • Tower lane
  • Public farms
  • Port
  • Canelane
  • Tussenstad Boatroute
  • Main Street
  • Bunker
  • Wooden Axe pig farm

getplayerhead.sh?hprick&16.png hprick built:

  • Part of Northside Road
  • Melon Square
  • Melon Passage
  • Dandelion (Main Street 13)
  • Poppy (Main Street 15)
  • Tussenstad Beach
  • Sewer System
  • Port Tussenstad storage house (Shore Path 3)
  • Main Street 1
  • Main Street 3
  • Light-tower
  • Fraffyard Cemetery
  • Shooting range
  • Fort Mellombilinak
  • Stage in Fraffyard
  • Connection to the sky road

getplayerhead.sh?Zampige_Man&16.png Zampige_Man built:

  • Main Street 8

getplayerhead.sh?ar838&16.png ar838 built:

  • Main Street 10


getplayerhead.sh?Avanlance&16.png Avanlance has rights to edit infrastructure in Tussenstad.