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A Developer is a person who creates solutions to problems. Its role is separate from server staff.

As the term relates to MinecraftOnline, such a person would generally be responsible for writing and maintaining code relating to the functioning of the Minecraft server, or the services which accompany it.

Types of Developer

Java Developer

A Java developer is one who writes code in Java, generally to interface with the Minecraft server directly -- be it in an improvement to the Minecraft server jar itself, or through one of MinecraftOnline's various Plugins.


A script-writer is a Developer who writes code in one or more scripting languages. Common scripting languages used by MinecraftOnline include Python and Bash.

Web Developer

Not to be confused with Spiders. A web developer is a person who creates and maintains web pages and the systems which generate, deliver and display them.

Helping Developers

As a player, you may find yourself in a situation where you have encountered a bug, or at least something you think is a bug. It may be hard to know for sure -- and it may be hard to find out whether the Developers are already aware of it.

MinecraftOnline uses a significant quantity of different repositories on GitLab, many of which have public issue trackers. Please check on the relevant issue trackers for your issue or similar ones.

If you do not find the issue you have or something similar to it, please create a detailed bug report at your earliest convenience.

In the case that the issue you have encountered should not be displayed publicly, you are able to mark an issue as Confidential, as long as you are logged in with a GitLab account.

If your issue is confidential in nature but you are not sure about whether it may have been reported already by another user, please contact a member of Staff.

If you encounter a confidential issue which is urgent, please contact any available Administrator.