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A literal bug

MinecraftOnline has a great number of modifications over the vanilla Minecraft server, and as such maintains a large custom codebase. Occasionally, as with any code, bugs crop up. To make the process of locating these bugs and fixing them easier, MinecraftOnline maintains a list of bug trackers for each component of its software.

To report a bug, please post on one of the following trackers as appropriate, making sure to include all relevant details:

  • Your in-game username
  • What were you trying to do at the time
  • What you expected to happen
  • What did happen
  • Any error messages received, in full
  • One or more screenshots, if possible
  • Whether the problem recurs, or was a one-off
  • What steps you can take to reproduce the problem


Each issue can be set to a priority, please mark them appropriately following these guidelines:

  • blocker: the server cannot run without fixing this, it can't even start
  • critical: this causes the server to crash, or to be completely unplayable in one way or another
  • major: negatively affects the player experience for an appreciable number of players
  • minor: affects some player experience some of the time, but not all the time or not all players
  • trivial: if this was never fixed, most people would never even notice

Bug trackers



The following general bug trackers are available for public posting:



The following specific bug trackers are available for issues connected with individual plugin components. If you know what component your bug is caused by, please post directly on the issue tracker for that component below. Otherwise, use "scripts" above.


Internal Administration

The following bug trackers are for internal administration; you are unlikely to encounter bugs with them directly but they are listed here for completeness:


If a bug is not associated with any specific plugins or exec extensions, but does not occur in vanilla, it may be a bug in Canary. Reporting issues here should be considered a last resort, unless it can be confirmed for definite that it really is Canary at fault.