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MinecraftOnline uses various plugins to expand the functionality of Sponge, the server mod used on the server. Prior to running Sponge, MinecraftOnline utilized the Canary server mod, featuring its own set of plugins.

This page is intended as a reference list, primarily for administrative purposes.

In current use

These are plugins that are loaded at startup on each server run and stored in mods/.


Inspired by the Canary plugin of the same name. Provides alerts for moderators for various ingame actions, such as breaking and placing blocks.


Inspired by the Canary plugin of the same name. A replacement for the ageing and unmaintained WorldGuard
Protects blocks from explosions/fire damage without altering effects on players and mobs, protects blocks from being destroyed by liquids, and rebalances damage dealt to players by mobs and fire. Supports per-world/per-dimension configuration.


Inspired by the Canary plugin of the same name. Provides an interface to generate actions based on in-game events, such as login, logout and player death. Provides functionality for the scripts, death and PvP logging, etc.


Inspired by the Canary plugin of the same name. Provides the functionality of preventing egress from the Freedonia Border.

CraftBook Extra

Inspired by the Canary plugin of the same name. CraftBook Extra is the spiritual successor to M4411K4's fork of sk89q's CraftBook plugin.


Inspired by the Canary plugin of the same name, originally written by bastetfurry. The framework for all exec scripts permits execution of external scripts and binaries using dynamically bound in-game commands, allowing those scripts to be passed CGI-style variables from in-game.


Inspired by the Canary plugin of the same name. Provides container locking with the /lwc command.


Chat management plugin for Sponge. Supports username prefixes and provides chat commands like /me, /msg, and /staff.


A successor to LionsArea, provides advanced region management across the world. Regions, called Zones, can be configured to allow or disallow players, commands, PvP, PvE, and more.


A Java plugin replacement for the Bash script


A plugin that allows the naming of boat items to cause the entity to have the same name and keep the name on the item dropped when broken. This matches the vanilla behaviour of renaming Minecarts. Also supports renaming armour stands, item frames, painting items, and ender crystals.


Enables custom crafting recipes within the server.


A Sponge plugin to drop spawners as blocks.


Prevents personae non-gratae from entering the server.


Heal or feed players in an instant with one command.


Create signs for shops, allowing buying and selling of items without directly interacting with players.


A permission management plugin.


Eat food even with low TPS.


Optimisation mixins for MinecraftOnline.


A plugin to enable the configuration of dungeons in a specific area. A dungeon wand and NBT spawn egg does the magic for all sorts of server events since 2021.

This is also used for Steve Police and Pigchinko, and loot chests like those in Hedge Maze.


A fork of the plugin of the same name by viveleroi for a rollback in case of grief. Tied with GriefAlert.


Used for interrogation of players by staff. It is NOT a jail.


A fork of a performance profiling plugin based on sk89q's WarmRoast profiler. Enables CPU profiler, memory inspection, and server health reports.


A powerful administrative tool to modify the terrains of the world. Also adds support for the WorldEditCUI mod which is useful for Craftbook's area viewing.


Allows access to server backups, including world backups as well as player inventory backups. Useful in fixing Grief.

No longer in use


Prevents dragon eggs from teleporting or falling.

This plugin was replaced by a Nope zone config setting.

Steve Police

Summons the Steve Police upon PvP kills. Originally comes from SlowRiot's drunken idea.

This plugin was replaced by PenguinDungeons.

Not Plugins

The following entries are not actually server plugins, but rather collections of scripts or programs.


Server Scripts

Scripts that help run and manage the server, including many ingame commands.


MCO's fork of the Overviewer system.

Overviewer Map Overlay

Markers and routes displayed on to the live map. Automatically generated from information on this wiki.


MinecraftOnline's on-demand world raytracer system. Uses Chunky.


Customise your armour stands with /posestand. Available for new Donors.

MinecraftOnline Resource Pack

When used in combination with OptiFine, adds custom textures to MinecraftOnline specific items and mobs.