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"Jackal is ill because he has to play minecraft every 15 minutes or he dies." -getplayerhead.sh?werdnaz&16.png werdnaz

Minecraft is the game we're all here to play. Made by Notch.

Controversy over Micro$oft

As of 6 November 2014, Micro$oft purchased the whole Mojang company including Minecraft for $2.5 billion, which Notch accepted. Since 2016, (excessively) active updates rolled out with 2-3 major updates per year, eventually changing the whole game codes.

On 10 March 2022, Mojang accounts were locked down until players migrate their accounts to Micro$oft/Xbox accounts. Eventually Minecraft Java and Bedrock will become one shared game with no difference on each consoles or OS, unlike the old days. These and other controversial events caused fumes (as expected) to MinecraftOnline players, and it is still ranted about in present days.

<getplayerhead.sh?Void42_&16.png Void42_> java is truth, java is best
<getplayerhead.sh?Ken_the_Fox&16.png Ken_the_Fox> bedrock players are not people
<getplayerhead.sh?Airiol&16.png Airiol> they are aliens
<getplayerhead.sh?Ken_the_Fox&16.png Ken_the_Fox> YES
<getplayerhead.sh?SketchyPixel&16.png SketchyPixel> legacy console just felt… wrong
like it sure looked like mc, but it def didn’t feel like mc
same with bedrock
<getplayerhead.sh?Airiol&16.png Airiol> no
bedrock was just trash
<getplayerhead.sh?AdoreKitten&16.png AdoreKitten> bedrock is too trash
<getplayerhead.sh?Airiol&16.png Airiol> legacy is just old
<getplayerhead.sh?AdoreKitten&16.png AdoreKitten> you have to pay more to play bedrock
<getplayerhead.sh?SketchyPixel&16.png SketchyPixel> you realize they’re built off the same code, right
<getplayerhead.sh?Airiol&16.png Airiol> ya ppl who enjoy bedrock i cannot be friends with
who like C++
<getplayerhead.sh?SketchyPixel&16.png SketchyPixel> fuck C++
<getplayerhead.sh?cinnamonci&16.png cinnamonci> fuck coding
<getplayerhead.sh?Void42_&16.png Void42_> in b4 1.19 is viewed as a disappointment oh wait