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green_infrastructure.png Fortree
Owner Simmuel
Category Infrastructure
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=2036
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Forestberg
Map Link

Fortree was meant to become a district of Forestberg. The idea was simple and beautiful - how cool would it be to build an entire district of tree houses? It was planned to become the most representative part of Forestberg. To facilitate this plan, the road between Forestberg and Fortree was rebuilt, representing the pinnacle of Simmuel's road-making skills. Quadruple railway was meant to handle both the external rail traffic of Simmuel's Road Complex, as well as Forestberg's internal metro. The train station was erected, with plans of replacing the old Forestberg Central Station. There was even a plan to place a Nexus pad in Fortree. However, it shortly became apparent that Simmuel lacks the skills needed for successful construction of treehouses, with the only house that was built being mediocre. Further, the train station turned out to be a massive eyesore, and caused Simmuel to abandon the efforts and retreat to Forestberg.