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User Simmuel

Star Wars Republic Commando

Known as Simm
Gender Male
Location Amersfoort, Netherlands
Nationality Polish
In Freedonia
First joined 15 October 2011
First building Little house in Newlands
Kit level ***** Aether
Legacy donor level * Wood
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Simmuel, were you ever staff on this server? supertec

Simmuel is Simmuel, therefore Simmuel is also Simmuel" - Luigifan100

Freedonian Life

Peaceful builder, best at practical and not too decorated buildings. Sometimes plays whole day long, sometimes doesn't even log on. Often found running across Forestberg without any reason or building one of projects. Most of which are roads. He's crazy about roads. And don't even start on railroads. Or boats.

Forestberg - Simmuel's Town


  • Public transport
  • Forestberg
  • Taking part in (even the worst) conversation on chat


  • Homophobia
  • Pseudo-trolls
  • Noobs
  • Mining
  • Nether

Fifty Shades of Simmuel

Like every player who plays such a long time, Simmuel had a few breaks, mostly because of lack of ideas. Each one of three had made him built in a very different way, making them easy to distinguish.

Hey, I'm a noob!

Back in 2011, there weren't many fancy decoration blocks like now, therefore the buildings weren't all that amazing.
Favourite materials: Stone Brick
Example: Simmuel's first house in Newlands (reconstructed in 2013 on his home island)

Bigger is better!

A short hiatus was enough for Newlands to grow from a little village to a big town. Seeing that his little house doesn't fit with the rest of town, he decided to put up with the style and go bigger. That's when the Yellow Road became so fancy and the second house in Newlands were built. But even the second house wasn't big enough, and that house was replaced with Vertigo Tower, a huge, circular tower.
Favourite materials: Stone Brick, Glass
Examples: Yellow Road, Vertigo Tower


...and then came the Forestberg, his very own town. In April 2012 he had started a town called Forestberg, along with Ellen124, and lots of help from jonathanpanda, techkid6 and crazyrecieve, with whom he soon became friends. As the town was wood-themed, his buildings started to be all about wood.
This is the golden age of Simmuel. On the 17th of July 2012 he became a moderator, which made him possible to do even more than ever.
Favourite materials: Logs, Wooden Planks, Glass, Sandstone
Examples: Forestberg, Hideous Gizka Game Corner

Make it colorful!

Through the second half of 2013, lack of interest in Minecraft made Simmuel resign from being a moderator. He thought he shouldn't block the spot for others. But eventually, he came back with the idea of removing all the crap he had left after these 3 long years. He started in the end of November 2014 with complete rebuilding of some buildings along the Yellow Road, like The Stone Monument (now with not even a single stone block!), Vertigo Tower, Sheep Farm and Railroad system.
Favourite materials: Stained Glass, Wooden Planks, Sandstone, Quartz
Examples: (New) The Stone Monument and Vertigo Tower

The end...?

The last (and sadly unfinished) creation is a huge sentence near Simmuel's island, Future is bulletproof. It's a quote from one of the most favorite songs of his, Na na na (na na na na na na na na na) by My Chemical Romance. It was meant to be the biggest of its kind (and it probably is, as the whole sign is made, only that a huge part is left as a cobblestone frame). If anyone decides to finish it, there are signs allowing you to do so.
This was meant to be the end of his time in Freedonia. As of July 2015, he moved to The Netherlands to study. Additionally, his vault was among the vaults raided in the series of vault griefs sometime in 2017, virtually killing any will to return.

An Unlooked-For Return

Yet, he has never forgotten his closest Freedonia friends. On November 8th 2021, nearly six years after Simmuel announced his retirement from the server (and a bit over 10 years after initially joining), MCO players were pleasantly surprised to see him log on again to chat with old friends, revisit his town Forestberg, and explore nearby parts of Freedonia.

< theschlozmeister> Simmuel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
< theschlozmeister> how is it going brother???????
< techkid6> Oh damn, it's Simmuel!
< Xyginator> oh yo its simm!
< Krenath> Woah, Simmuel!

Upon return, Simmuel quickly fell back in love with his magical Forestberg, and avowed to connect it with the new way of travelling, the Nexus hub. He was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Hub SE2 is located very close to his town, so establishing a road and rail link became a priority, thereby extending his Simmuel's Road Complex even further. Additional improvements to his lovely Forestberg are planned as part of his 10 Years of Forestberg effort, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of existence of his town.

The Legend

By now, Simmuel has been around for as long as anyone can remember. His name is recognized, respected, and feared. Kids are taught about him in MCO schools. He has his own boat routes, further highlighting his indispensability in the ancient south-east of Freedonia. He was even voted the best Simmuel around, with a whopping score of one out of all votes (one), as cast by Simmuel himself. His building style has matured, just as he did. One thing unchanged remains - he is still madly in love and fully dedicated to Forestberg, his little heaven on Freedonian earth. He continues his effort to further improve on his town, without disrupting its trademark pre-1.7.2 vibe
Favorite materials: wood, sandstone, glass, glowstone
Examples: Forestberg Central Station, X and Z Towers