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nexus_towns.png Forestberg

View upon the town from Industrial Park

Founder Simmuel
Contributors Ellen124 jonathanpanda
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Ask Simmuel first
Size north to south 330m
Size west to east 300m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=2230
Dimension Overworld
Map link
Map view of the town on 13 July 2012
Map view of the town end of December 2021

Forestberg is a small and cozy town started in April 2012 by Simmuel, not far from Newlands and Skyline. It can be found between lovely forested mountains, from which the name originated, and sandy areas, spotted with lakes. The picturesque nature of the town makes it a great retreat for everyone tired of the standard Freedonian big city rush. The town was growing astonishingly fast in the beginning, with some unfinished remnants of the era of rapid growth still visible. The buildings there are mostly made of wood and planks, to make it eco-friendly, and as picturesque as the landscape itself. But that does not mean that Forestberg is a town devoid of modern commodities. It has a modern metro system and an industrial park, which is currently closed due to need for refurbishing.

The town

The town is divided in 5 districts, each with its own distinct purpose and landmarks.


Centrum is the center of the town, and also is oldest part. Most of the buildings located in Centrum are dating all the way back to 2012.

Landmarks in Centrum include:

  • Railway Station
  • Industrial Park with Cobblestone Generator, Steak Grinder, Tree Harvester, Cacti Farms.
  • Ellen124's AFK Box, created by jonathanpanda in strict center of Forestberg
  • Ellen124's Library
  • Little Town Market
  • kazaykata's Tower of :3


Lakeside is located to the west from Centrum. It was a result of the mayor's efforts to provide more parks and greenery to the town as part of his 10 Years of Forestberg initiative. A few tall buildings were also erected in the area to provide for a modern skyline.

Landmarks in Lakeside include:

  • X Building, with apartments for sale
  • Z Building, with free hostel for all visitors
  • Terrace bar
  • Dawn Park
  • Town Beach
  • Lakeside Park

Dune District

To the south from Centrum lies Dune District, built on the sandy flats by the Bay of Forestberg. It is a true residential district for the common inhabitants of Forestberg.

Landmarks in Dune District include:

  • Forestberg Bridge
  • Shrine to Krenath

Forestberg East

Forestberg East is a up-and-coming district in the east of the town. It lies, covered in snow, at the foot of the mountain from which the town's name originates.


Fortree is a district in the far north-west of Forestberg, which originated from and idea from one of the Pokemon games - to build an entire district of tree houses. However, the project never gained traction, with mediocre skills of Simmuel in building tree houses, and lacking interest of other players to build in the district.

Forestberg Metro

Map of Forestberg Metro

Despite being a relatively small town, Forestberg has its own fully-fledged metro. Totalling 10 stations and two metro lines, it spans across the entire town. The construction of the metro has been ongoing from the early stages of existence of Forestberg. The metro has been completed in March 2022, to commemorate 10th anniversary of Forestberg.

Fortree Line: Fortree - Lakeside - Centrum - Nether Portal - Industrial Park - Forestberg East
Center Line: Forestberg Central - Centrum - Dune District - Suburbs - Forestar Inn (Nexus SE2)

How do I get there?

There are many ways to get to Forestberg:

Nexus Hub SE2 (recommended)

As of 23rd December 2021, Forestberg can be reached directly from Nexus Hub SE2. The Nexus pad will take you directly to the cozy heart of the town!

Simmuel's Road Complex

There are various different roads with different distances that can be followed to reach Forestberg.

  • From Nexus Hub SE2, walk west with the stone slab road (NLO), following the signs to Forestberg. After 300m, turn right into the Lime Road (E13). Follow the road until you reach the town. The distance is around 1,1 km. You may also choose to take the train. Forestberg Metro Central Line is accessible from Forestar Inn, a small building on the crossroads of the stone slab road (NLO) and the Lime Road (E13).
  • From Nexus Hub SE1, walk south with the stone slab road (NLO). After 200m, turn left into a tunnel, leading to the Green Road (E8). Follow the signs to Forestberg until you reach the town. The distance is around 2,5km.
  • From Newlands, head west from /warp Newlands. Follow the Yellow Road (E8) west, following the signs to Forestberg'. At the junction with Green Road, follow the Green Road (E8) south until you reach the town. The road is well-protected from external threats due to protective glass panels. The distance is around 3km. You may also choose to take the train. Take the train from Newlands Station (a small, colored building at the beginning of the Yellow Road, next to the Vertigo Tower. Take the direction of Green Road to Forestberg (Outbound), the directions are clearly marked on the lift signs
  • From MonopleVille, follow the Green Road (E9).

Freedonia Railway System

Use Grand Railway Station at Spawn. Buy a ticket for Occidental Line (Green, ticket is seed), and type /st Forestberg. The distance is a mighty 7.5km, but you can see few nice buildings, and are fully protected from all the monsters on the entirety of your trip.

Skyline Warp

If you are at Skyline, you can reach Forestberg by train. tindwcel's road

You may also reach Forestberg by following tindwcel's road. It goes through many big cities, such as Glenfiddich.

Trivia theschlozmeister helping thesprazzzler to finish the house they started a long time ago
  • Ellen124's AFK box, created by jonathanpanda is the oldest building in town, dating all the way back to April 2012.
  • In April 2022, the town will turn 10 years old. To commemorate this landmark achievement, the mayor is running a project 10 Years of Forestberg to improve the town significantly, with new buildings, parks, roads and metro stations in tow.
  • Forestberg has a very advanced tree harvester, fueling the development of the city.
  • In the town library, there is a dedicated piece of glass to winx51. Can you find it?
  • Forestberg lies just a short walk away south from the old map's biggest snow biome.
  • Forestberg was featured in ScarClaw72's fourth episode of exploring Freedonia.